2021 Conscious Holiday Gift Guide: Gifting With A Purpose


“A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside” -Robert Urich

1. Somavedic | Frequency Therapy in your home

Meet the Vedic: Somavedic’s redesigned device (from the inside out) for the ultimate harmonization of your home and working space. The Vedic is an easy to use frequency device that mitigates 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, geopathic zones (stress), free radicals in your home and additionally structures your water. Not sure how that works? Through a controlled release of energy from specifically-selected precious and semi-precious stones inside the glass unit, the Vedic harmonizes these harmful wavelengths that we come in contact with everyday- especially in our homes.

The results and reviews of Somavedic products range from improved sleep, more energy, better concentration, improved hydration, lessened anxiety and tension, fewer headaches and feeling more at peace. While the Vedic is at the very top of our Gift Guide price point, Somavedic’s handcrafted devices are worth the splurge if you’re looking to improve your health and well bring in your home. Somavedic provides a two month period for you to try the experience for yourself and enjoy it, or return the device for a full refund.

Shop the Vedic | $950

2. Shape Three | Cutting boards crafted from Recycled Skateboards

What started as a hobby making frames out of his friends’ broken boards has blossomed into Pro Skateboarder Dave Bachinsky‘s business, Shapethree. “As a skateboarder, we see the world like a playground. This feeling extends into my woodworking; I look at any object and think how could I turn this into something new? How could I put our boards into this?” From cutting boards, wind chimes, canoe paddles, rings, mirrors and shelves- each piece is uniquely crafted from black walnut wood and recycled skateboards. Another element to Bachinsky’s company is his mission to give back- a percentage of each item purchased goes into the local skate scene in Bachinsky’s hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts for young aspiring skateboarders to practice, shred and develop a love for the sport.

Shop Shape Three | $100+

3. Aloono | Cocktail Bar Set

The Aloono 11-Piece Silver Cocktail Shaker Bar Set is a perfect gift for beginner mixologists & professionals alike. Made of food-grade 304 Stainless Steel and weighted and thickened to make sure that it will not bend, break, rust or warp, this professional set is great to mix up your favorite holiday cocktail. This Boston Cocktail Shaker set is made of weighted Boston Cocktail Shakers, Strainers, Double Jigger, Muddler & Spoon, Ice Tong & 2 Liquor Pourers.

Receive 15% off until 12/25 with code: CCHOLIDAY15

Shop Aloono| $32

4. Molecule | Tencel Performance Sheet Set

This soft and airy, yet durable and wrinkle-resistant sheet set features advanced TENCEL™ materials and is optimized to provide cleaner, cooler, and more recovery-focused sleep. TENCEL™️ Lyocell is an advanced fiber made from a sustainably sourced wood pulp from Eucalyptus and other trees. We choose to incorporate this textile innovation into our sheets for its many comfort and wellness features. Who wouldn’t love temperature regulating, eco friendly sheets for the holidays? Our go to for bedding this holiday season!

Shop Molecule | $119+

5. Aus Golden Wool Home | Australian Sheepskin Rug

Made from high-quality, pure Australian Marino wool, they are warm in winter and cool in summer, great to sleep or lounge on year-round. Our raw materials come from our ethically-raised sheep. They grow their fleece from feeding on green grasses and roaming the hundreds of miles of wide-open Australian Hillside and include all-season washable wool comforters, blankets, pillows, rugs, and other home decors.

Shop Wool Home | $195

6. Fern & Petal | Ceramic Diffuser + Essential Oils

Essentials oils have been known throughout history to have a positive uplifting effect on the human mind and body. Some benefits include a relaxed mind, lessened headaches, increased focus and improved sleep. Certain essentials oils can also benefit the home in killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. While most might reach for a mainstream air freshener or spray to enliven their spaces- we caution against this, as several contain harmful ingredients that are known endocrine disrupters. Instead we recommend finding an essential oil that fits your needs and the needs of your home- its exciting to peruse these concentrated plant extracts and read about the health benefits they provide.

Fern & Petal offers a gallery of EO’s that can be mixed and matched or used singularly. We love their ceramic diffuser for its minimalist design and its ability to transform your space with a healthy atmosphere. Fern & Petal is a small family-run business that only sells the highest quality, locally bottled essential oils and handmade bath products.

Shop the Diffuser | $80 / Shop Essential Oils | $8+

7. Aus Golden Wool Home | Australian Wool Blanket

Cozy up this Holiday season with the Hunter Green Outdoor Blanket for your next outdoor adventure or while relaxing in the great indoors. Made of 100% natural, high quality wool sourced from ethically-raised sheep in Australia- We love that their wool is naturally hypoallergenic and moisture wicking which makes it remarkably breathable and suitable for all weather conditions. It controls humidity and regulates body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter yet cool and dry in the summer. Aus Golden wool blankets are Woolmark© certified and tested to meet STANDARD 100 OKEO-TEX© criteria—each & every part is free of harmful substances & safe for human health.

Shop Wool Home | $159

8. National Wildlife Federation | Plant with Purpose in your Garden

In this day and age, many are returning to garden to nurture their connection with the earth, grow their own food and beautify their spaces. Not only is planting mindful and sustainable, but it also benefits our wildlife. Garden for Wildlife Native Plant Collections offers a curated collection of native plants that bloom across three seasons and return every year to best support local wildlife. Their chemical-free, new-growth plants ships directly to your gift recipient with garden design ideas and planting tips, making it easier than ever for them to make a difference. There is something for every beginner to advanced gardener. Purchase a gift card now for your friend or loved one to redeem for a plant collection of their choice and Plant with a Purpose.

Shop Garden for Wildlife | $25+

9. The BudGrower | Starter Indoor Growing Kit

The BudGrower starter kit gives you everything you need for your first home grow! From the sturdy mylar interior and a patented 150-Watt HPS light to the Cali Super Soil, this kit combines functionality with top-of-the-line gardening materials to produce the best possible results for your first grow. The Home Grow kits are designed by gardening experts to deliver maximum yield for many grow cycles to come. Every indoor grow kit is assembled by hand with the highest quality items to ensure an efficient and enjoyable growing experience.

Shop The BudGrower | $449+

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