2021 Conscious Holiday Gift Guide: Gifting With A Purpose

Sustainable Fashion Gifts

“Fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand, we understand that every action we take today has an impact on tomorrow. This is why we are committed to using sustainably-sourced, eco-friendly fibers in every product we make, allowing you to embrace your individuality without compromising your earth-friendly principles.” – Founders of Solmate Socks

1. Tartan Blanket Co. | Sustainable Wool Scarves from Scotland

Tartan Blanket Co. is back on our list for the second year in a row, and its no wonder why! Their Recycled Wool Blankets and Scarves are sustainably woven, beautifully designed, and their mission to give back with every purchase makes TBCo one of our top choices for gift giving.

Benefits of wool blankets and scarves? Naturally breathable, insulating, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, odor resistant, recyclable, biodegradable, sustainable (and did we mention soft) TBCo’s recycled wool is made from 100% recycled fibers and turns preloved into reloved. At least 70% is woven from recycled wool, and the remaining percentage comes from man made recycled fibers that would otherwise end up in landfill. Cozy up with classic tartan patterns or rich colors that define the cool Fall + Winter season. 1% of every purchase you make with TBCo. will go to charities helping protect the environment, and 1% will go to charities and community projects around the world to help those in need. This means that each time you choose to buy from TBCo, you are also choosing to give to others.

Shop Women’s Scarves | $50+ / Shop Men’s Scarves | $50+ / Shop Kids! | $42

2. Dooeys | Plant based + Ethically Made House Slipper

Dooeys are stylish indoor shoes — also known as slipshoes and built for all-day comfort. Designed in Amsterdam and made in Portugal with plant-based and recycled materials like apple leather, sugarcane soles, and recycled plastic, these cozy and supportive house slippers are ethically produced in small batches and offer free carbon-neutral shipping on every order. The slipshoes are cozy, lightweight, and perfect for modern home life with sustainability at the forefront. Dooeys House Loafers & House Mules are the perfect holiday gift for anyone looking for stylish, cozy and supportive slippers they can wear around the house.

Shop Dooeys | $128

3. Solmate Socks | Whimsical + Sustainably spun Socks

Solmate is known for their high-quality, whimsically mismatched (but coordinated) sock designs woven from recycled cotton yarns made from remnants from production scraps and used clothing to knit their products. While these scraps would normally go into a landfill, their collaboration with RecoverTex, uses an Upcycling System that turns regular textile waste into quality, upcycled yarns. These remnants are re-spun into their yarns, without adding any additional dyes or colors in this process, keeping them as “clean” as possible. We love Solmates comfy socks for Adults, kids and toddlers! In addition, Solmate has been donating socks for the past 20 years to various charity groups across the US, including family services organizations, refugee centers and homeless shelters. With every pair of Solmate Socks purchased, we are saving 2.24 lbs of Co2, 2.64 sq. feet of landfills and 324 gallons of water!

Shop Solmate Socks |$20

4. Nena & Co | Preserving heritage + Honoring culture in each Nena Bag

Nena & Co. was established to preserve the dying art of traditional weaving and to create a product that uplifts every person that it touches, from the weavers to the customers who carry the final product. “With an emphasis on handwoven products we can help preserve culture, bring awareness to the people and places our products come from, create more work and financial independence for female weavers, and reduce our carbon footprint as a manufacturer”. From small leather goods to Large, medium and small woven bags- each Nena product has a one of a kind design is made with purpose.

Shop Nena & Co | $98+

5. Swiminista | Chic Swimwear made from Luxury Recycled Fabrics

High fashion meets eco-conscious luxury in a collection of chic swimwear from post consumer recycled plastic in personalized fits. Swiminista’s collection of ultra-comfortable swimwear features soft, luxurious nylon fabric made from post-consumer plastics. The result: swimwear that is well made and made to last, luxurious to the touch and thoughtfully designed for a woman’s unique body. We love that customers have the option to use Swiminista’s personalized fit guide, to select their ideal style and enter details about their jeans and bra sizes to easily find the right suit to complement their unique body. Discover the new era of eco-conscious, supportive swimwear in the Swiminista online shop, along with care tips and updates on the company’s efforts to give back, both globally and locally.

Shop Swiminista | $86+

6. Valley Rose Studio | Fair Trade + Ethically Sourced Jewelry

Getting engaged this holiday season? Looking to gift something with unique conscious sparkle? Cue Valley Rose Studio, a responsibly made fine jewelry line based in Sonoma County California. Valley Rose’s jewelry is made with the most ethical and eco-friendly metals, using Fairmined gold for 100% of their castings. Valley Rose also specializes in sourcing precious gemstones from suppliers that have strict ethical requirements that go beyond “conflict-free”, including Lab Grown Diamonds, Certified Recycled Diamonds, Certified Canadian Diamonds or alternative Artisanal Small Scale Mine (ASM) Diamonds. What we also love about Valley Rose is the founder’s signature technique- lost wax casting with cast in place gemstones. This process focuses on unique handmade details and evokes the look of ancient treasures.

Shop Valley Rose Studio | $98+

7. Outerworn | Kelly Slater’s Circular Fashion Platform

Kelly Slater pioneered a new company that made great clothes with a radical commitment to sustainability- the result: Outerknown. “Our goal is to make excellent-quality, sustainable products that last a lifetime. But when you’re ready to clear out your closet or looking to add some signature styles, you can buy and sell pre-loved Outerknown pieces through our new Outerworn platform“. Feel good, share the love, and support a circular future. Have a few Outerknown items you’re no longer wearing? You’re invited you to sell your pre-loved Outerknown on the platform and get store credit through their easy-to-use online marketplace. Outworn’s goal is to keep their products out of a landfill and in circulation forever and we couldn’t agree more.

Shop Outerworn |$20+

8. Bella Dahl | Sustainable Women’s Apparel

Soft on you, softer on the Planet. Bella Dahl collections are made with natural and sustainable fabrics that are designed to be soft on you and softer on our earth. TENCEL™ Lyocell is a staple in our collections- it’s produced by a responsible, closed loop process and made from sustainably sourced, natural raw material wood. The fabric then undergoes a unique wash process that creates an unforgettable soft touch and sleek finish that they’re known for.

Shop Bella Dahl |$35+

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