While gift giving might look a little different this year, that didn’t stop our experts from scouring the globe in search of the best holiday gifts and household items for cultural creatives. We prioritized solutions to common home wellness issues following COVID-19 lockdown and emphasized companies that embrace the conscious lifestyle as well as make a positive impact.

No matter who’s on your gift list this year, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone (and maybe a few for yourself as well!).


Baloo Weighted Blankets – $169


Baloo weighted blankets mold to your body like a gentle hug and help to serve your natural health and balance. Like us, Baloo also believes we are all connected – that’s why they select clean and safe chemical-free materials, which gives for a healthier environment through carbon offsets, and supports children through the grassroots nonprofit Pajama Program. We love our weighted blanket because the pressure relaxes our nervous system and encourages serotonin production, which lifts our mood. When serotonin naturally converts to melatonin, your body takes the cue to rest. This means a calmer mind and deeper sleep for a healthier life.


What’s not to love about a robot that cleans your house for you? The Roomba® s9+ robot vacuum and Braava jet® m6 robot mop team up to vacuum then mop automatically in perfect sequence, giving your floors a comprehensive clean with just a command to your voice assistant or via the app. Forget about vacuuming for months at a time with the Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal that allows the s9+ to empty itself for up to 60 days. With the Anti-Allergen System, 99% of pollen and mold allergens are trapped from the robot to the base so they can’t escape back into the air.

iRobot: Roomba & Braava Jet – $1,399

Tartan Recycled Wool Blanket – $68


Crafted and created in the heart of Edinburgh is the Tartan Blanket Company ― a company committed to mindful supportive business and sustainable recycled wool products that will be loved for generations. Get cozy this Winter in traditional Scottish tartan wool scarves, blankets for home and baby, or give the gift of a custom curated gift box, with a tartan of your choice and other timeless goodies. The benefits of wool blankets and scarves is that they are naturally breathable, insulating, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, odour resistant, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable (and did we mention soft? SO soft)!


As seen on Shark Tank, this easy-to-install, stylish solar panel charges your devices with the power of the sun. Just hang it in one of your sun-facing windows to reap the benefits of sun powered tech. The rechargeable battery stores solar energy so you can charge your devices day or night. The built in USB port can charge iPhones, Android phones, smart watches, AirPods, bike lights, speakers & more. 

GroupHug Solar – $149

Marshall’s Haute Sauce – $35


Vibrant hot sauces inspired by farm- to-table cooking and crafted with all natural ingredients from local Oregon Farmers. The hot sauce sampler will pique every taste bud, ranging from spicy, smokey heat to aromatic blends of citrus and spice, to tart and savory. Pair it with your favorite foods and cocktails for the holiday season.


A candle sets the mood in your home and awakens your senses through scent. Take the Wildwood Candle Co. ― their fragrant 100% soy candles were inspired by and dedicated to trails in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon. Their hand-poured, wooden wicked candles bring to life scents from the trails such deciduous red alder, cedar and big-leaf maple. Each eco-friendly scented candle is thoughtfully curated to represent names of trails that connect to Wildwood, or are an attraction within Forest Park.

Or take Next Stop Candles, a luxury brand born out of the current pandemic. The creators are using the power of scent to evoke memories of global travel destinations so we can be where we want to be without leaving where we have to be. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Pray For Humanity Hospitality Support Fund, which donates to hospitality workers currently out of work.

Wildwood Candle Co. – $28

Next Stop Candles – $40

The Icon Collection candles from Kin & Care are intended to make waves and spark conversation. They released this collection in collaboration with a local artist that they love (Violet Red Studios) in their local DMV area. Each candle features one of her portraits of iconic women throughout history. Olive & Loom makes incredible custom soaps, candles and scent diffusers that employ refugee women in the US. The Founder – Ferzan Jaegar – is of Turkish descent and feels a deep connection to supporting refugees noting the plight of many women from her region of the world.

You can also give the gift of an indoor pine tree that lives year around. Dressed for the season, this lively pine from Costa Farms looks native to the North Pole, but it actually began as a seed on the far away Island of Hawaii. Its tropical roots make it perfectly suited to bring warmth to your home through the holidays and past the New Year.

Kin & Care Icon Candle Collection – $19

Norfolk Island Pine – Prices Vary


We are no strangers to home workouts during COVID. Part of staying motivated to do those in-home workouts means loving the fitness clothes you’re in. The men’s workout apparel from fivebyfive was built on the idea that fitness journeys can feel daunting to some, so why not make the apparel side of things a little more welcoming and inclusive. It was born out of the desire to be honorable, fair and authentic. What we love about them is the feel of the fabric which is light, stretchy and airy as well as the comfort of the fit just as much as the look. 

fivebyfive Origin Tank – $45

fivebyfive Purpose Shorts – $59

If there’s one thing that COVID has taught us it’s that working in sweats is now perfectly acceptable. When it comes to softness, we wanted to the absolute best. Fundamental Coast uses “Andy” fabric to create a jogger pant and sweatshirt like no other. The Andy cashmere touch charcoal jogger pant is constructed out of brushed cashmere touch fabric with Spandex for added stretch and comfort in a modern fit.  These joggers are so comfy and soft you will want to work (and lounge) all day in them.

Andy Hoodie by Lisa Kline – $98

Andy Jogger by Lisa Kline – $89


Raen made the Wiley because you like to go places. A lightweight, masculine silhouette for the modern adventurer. The Wiley utilizes square shapes and harder lines while maintaining the proportions and design cues of the Remmy. Their strong silhouette is cut for adventure, and made for seeing the sunrise on new horizons. Wiley has a medium fit and is best suitable for round or oval face shapes.

The Remmy is Raen’s calling card and they will never let you down. They took a note from what they know works, inspired by retro round sunglasses that captured their eye, the Remmy carries the look with a modern flare. Available in two sizes: the original 52 is a touch larger and conquers the perfectly oversized look for women, while the 49 is a slightly refined fit suited best for males. Their ultra-light construction features a slight horned temple and notched bridge.

RAEN Wiley Sunglasses – $170

RAEN Remmy Sunglasses – $170


Inspired by global cultures and ending the cycle of pollution, Quagga Green women’s apparel is woven with detail and design for the inner wanderlust at home. Dedicated to keeping waste out of landfills and eco systems, Quagga uses recycled polyester fabrics from plastic bottles and beech tree pulp. The faux sherpa socks are a stylish and cozy option for your cool winter mornings paired with lounge wear.

Quagga Green Label Sherpa Slipper Socks – $12.99


Sticky Be Socks – $44

Sticky Be Socks Baby – $38

Protect the Planet Gift Box – $44.95


Conscious Step makes ridiculously comfy and trendy socks that are consciously created for a better world. When you shop Conscious Step you aren’t just buying comfort and style, you’re supporting people and the planet. Browse their extensive lineup of cool prints all connected to a specific cause – everything from equality and hunger to animal rights and ocean conservation. We loved the Protect the Planet Gift Box which is perfect fit for the environmentalist in your life. 


Alt Well CBD Intro Kit – $120


If you’re new to CBD consider trying out the ALTWELL Intro Kit that sets you up with two of their favorite products and an array of samples. ALTWELL has carefully curated effective premium CBD-Infused consumer products to help with one’s mind, body, and soul. Their great tasting lines include CBD gummies, plant-based CBD protein powders, tinctures, and a CBD face serum. They also have recently launched kits and subscriptions which both would be make great gifts.

The Intro Kit contains: To Balance Mind & Body, Altwell Balance Tincture 10mg Mint Flavor, Altwell Balance Softgels with Full Spectrum, Hemp Flower Extract and comes bundled with a reusable shopping tote made of recycled cotton.


Need to reset? Kindroot Adaptogems plant based lozenges are infused with nurturing adaptogens and aromatic flavors to smooth your mood. Whether you need a lift during the day or a de-stress moment, Kindroot has your back. We love the Brighten Up lozenges crafted with reishi mushroom to reduce stress, maca root to uplift mood and tropical lychee and rosewater flavor for a lifted and balanced feel. When we are kind to ourselves, we can inspire others to do the same. Root for yourself and take care.

Kindroot Holiday Survival Kit – $35


Support your body naturally with the purity and potency of nature’s top healing ingredients. Suited for every health goal from immune support, detox, joint health, healthy aging, and wellness- Pure Synergy’s Super Foods and Vitamins are the perfect stocking stuffer. For optimal athletic performance and recovery, look no further than SuperPure Astaxanthin, made with nature’s strongest antioxidant and a jack of all trades for your health. We love the Organic Kale powder and Berry Powder too for immune system support and healthy skin, nails and vision. Make health your top priority this season. 

Organic Berry Power – $34.95

SuperPure® Astaxanthin – $31.95

Ourika Soap By Lisa Kline – From $15


Named after the Ourika Valley in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Ourika Soap offers a line of Luxurious, Organic Soaps Handcrafted with authentic Arabian spices and herbs, as well as nourishing oils and natural exfoliators, familiar features of Moroccan Hammams. They use the traditional cold saponification process which helps protect our climate by requiring very little water and heat, and banishing all synthetic, harmful materials. The aromatic blends gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin as well as your senses ― creating a mind and body balance.


More natural ingredients, less chemicals. You can have confidence in Lulu’s handmade products and trust that the ingredients are simple, healing, and most importantly, safe for your body. Crafted and paired with natural herbs like lavender and clary sage, rose and vetiver, Lulu Organics cleansing oils, balms, masks and toners will enliven your senses and beautify your skin routine.

Lulu Organics Hand Purifier – $10

Plume Flow Air Sensor – $199


Air pollution is all around us and many don’t realize the risks. Enter Plume Labs, the creators of the Flow device – a piece of technology designed to make the quality of our air more transparent. Flow and its companion app help you understand what’s in the air you breathe and build the best reflexes to minimize your exposure to pollution. Strap it to your bike or take it for a run as the always-on measurement gives you the minute-by-minute breakdown of your daily exposure. With the help of your phone’s GPS, Flow builds out the air quality maps of all the places it’s been by your side so you can adjust your routine accordingly based on keeping your lungs healthy and safe.


Vellum company’s mission is rooted in the belief that you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth, and we can get behind that. All of their tallow based soaps, balms, salts, and candles are made from high quality, food grade ingredients, locally sourced, often from the kitchens of local restaurants and farms in the form of upcycled material. The result is incredible smelling products chock full of vitamins A, D, E & K. We’re fans of the blood orange bourbon and bergamot and pumpkin cinnamon chai balms for ultimate skin nourishing during the colder months.

Black Pepper Berry All Purpose Tallow Balm – $6

Soapbox Staff Favorites Bundle $33.95


We love Soapbox because they empower people to change the world through every day, quality purchases. For every thoughtfully-crafted product that is purchased, the company donates a bar of soap to someone in need in the USA or abroad. Soapbox’s personal care line includes hair color-safe shampoos and conditioners, nourishing body washes, liquid hand soap, lotions, bar soaps, and hand sanitizers.


During a pandemic it’s important to stay safe as well as being able to live your life. InvisiSmart is an engineered next-generation mask solution backed by Alec Baldwin that kills 99.99% of SARS CoV-2 germs. It provides your loved ones, people, healthcare professionals, athletes and businesses with long-lasting invisible protection. InvisiSmart technology is verified by robust laboratory and clinical evidence, and comes as a Mask, Shield Spray, Seat Covers, and Sanitizer.

ISM5 Invisi Smart Mask – $31 for 5

Bendshape Mask Family Pack – $35

BendShape Mask are clear masks that were engineered to provide the safety the CDC suggests as being the best way to keep one another safe, and designed to help reveal the expression on someone’s face with a large and clear covering over the mouth and nose. As important as a mask is to someone these days, clear masks not only protect someone’s health, but are essential for the hearing impaired and deaf people as they rely on reading someone’s lips as a way to communicate. Plus, BendShape Mask are only sold online, so no need to go out to a store to purchase one as they can be conveniently ordered online and delivered directly to a loved one’s home.



For the travel bug and tea time enthusiast, the Tiffin set by Abroad Modern checks all the boxes. The Tiffen is a special treat for road trips, camping, picnics and the like. Traditionally known as an Indian English light meal consisting of typical tea-time foods, the Tiffin set allows diners to travel and carry their tea time meal in style with lightweight stainless steel tiffin, plates and cups. Abroad Modern has crafted a collection of house wares and apparel inspired by the culture and traditions of India and extending their love of travel to their audience through every piece. 

Abroad Modern Tiffin & Camping Set – $14+


Threads of Fate Oracle Deck – $69


As one of the fastest growing self published and Oracle deck brands, intuitively illustrated and meant for daily use- the beautifully crafted Tarot Decks are a thoughtful gift for any level intuitive. Each card contains thoughtful multi-layered messages that allow you to view many facets of the same concept. The seamless design along with card definitions and messages are intricately and purposely drawn to also provide practical advice, exercises and journaling prompts to deepen your connection with your spiritual self. 


Reconnect and recharge your relationship with this thought provoking game by The Skin Deep. The game is designed to deepen relationships between friends or couples and works by asking your partner the questions you’re dying to know the answers to, but are too afraid to ask. Using 199 questions taken right from their Emmy award-winning documentary experience, {THE AND} Couples Edition card game is a communication game designed to explore your connection and help deepen your relationship.

The { } And Couples Edition – $24.99

Lick You Silly Gluten Free Dog Treats – $29.99


We couldn’t forget our furry friends this Holiday season. The Lick You Silly premium pet treats are all natural and healthy made with only one ingredient—100% premium USDA beef. High in lean proteins, low in calories and fat. They are soft for easy digestion making them great for puppies and dogs of all ages. The perfectly sized snacks are great for training or treating your dog without spoiling his supper. Averaging between dime and quarter size, they’re the perfect consistency for your pup’s teeth. They can be also sprinkled over food to enhance the flavors of dry dog food for the younger pups. Lick You Silly dog treats are made in the USA, so you can trust that your four-legged friend is getting quality nutrition that’s free of fillers like wheat, gluten, corn and soy.

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