Spiritual Channel Paul Selig on How to Access the Divine Self

Since being rendered clairvoyant by a spiritual experience in 1987, Paul Selig has become one of the world’s foremost spiritual channels. He currently serves on the faculty of The Omega Institute, the Kripalu Center and the Esalen Institute while also maintaining a private practice as an intuitive in New York City, and conducting frequent workshops and live-stream seminars. Selig joined Conscious Connection to discuss the medium’s newest channeled text, THE BOOK OF TRUTH: The Mastery Trilogy: Book II and the journey of self-development on which it leads its readers.

Conscious Connection: What inspired The Book of Truth? I know it was dictated from the Guides, but tell me a little about your process for delivering the text.

Paul Selig: I didn’t decide to write The Book of Truth. When the Guides were ready to start, they just began to deliver the text. There really isn’t a process of preparing. Once we’ve agreed on a date, the whole thing just comes through. The books are the unedited teachings.

I allow my consciousness to recede. I imagine myself climbing into the back seat of a car and turning the steering wheel over. I hear one phrase repeated, and it will repeat incessantly until I speak it. Once I give it language, everything else comes tumbling out behind it.

Conscious Connection:  The Guides can perceive your questions in real time and address them as they’re dictating the text. This is different from other channeled material I’ve read. Is that unique to your process?

Paul Selig: That’s tough to say since I’m not familiar with other channelers processes. If I hear something that just makes no sense to me, that’s when I lean forward from the back of the car and say, “Hey, wait a minute.” For the most part, the Guides will respond to my questions.

Conscious Connection: When the Guides are coming through, is it spontaneous or something you need to prepare for?

Paul Selig: It’s pretty immediate. In the beginning, I used to feel I had a tin can on a string up to my ear, and I was hoping that somebody would grab the other can and speak into it. One day, many years ago, I heard, “Do we have permission to merge?” And since then, it’s the equivalent of turning a radio dial just a tad and then the broadcast is available.

Conscious Connection: That’s really fascinating concept that consciousness can be tuned like a radio to pick up on other frequencies of reality. Let’s now talk specifically about the Book of Truth. What is the core message of the book?

Paul Selig: The Book of Truth is inviting us to comprehend what we are in a different way. There’s a teaching on energetic attunement, and the Guides used the words: “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.” “I know who I am” is re-identification as the divine self, which is the truth of who you are. “I know what” is manifestation, and “how I serve” is the expression of those things.

I should just let them…

Conscious Connection: Is it possible? I’m happy to talk to the Guides.

Paul Selig: They’re saying they would like say a few things.

[Selig begins to channel the Guides, first whispering phrases rapidly, then speaking them more clearly.] 

The subject of the book, which is Truth, bypasses your idea of what truth is. Truth as what we teach is eternally true, and if you begin to access the aspect of the self that knows who he is, who is always present, you begin to realign your entire life to what is always true. Your experience of reality is transformed through your interaction with it. As you realize who and what you are in truth, you realize your world a different way. And as you realize your world, you lift your world to the higher octave that you are now aligning to.

Channeling really is taking dictation.

Conscious Connection: I’d like to know more about the statement “I know who I am in truth, I know what I am in truth, I know how I serve in truth.”

Paul Selig: The true self knows, the small self thinks. So when the claim is made, “I know who I am,” you’re claiming as the true self.

The small self is understood as the one who’s agreeing to what he is not. The small self is no longer commanding the ship. The true self has taken the reins. So when you decide that who and what you are is operating at this level, it is never as the small self. The small self would like to run the show and appreciate this teaching to serve its own needs, but that is not what we teach. We teach about the restructuring of the being that you are to realize who and what  you are outside of what you’ve been taught.

The true self knows and is catalyzed by the claims we offer to support the realization through all the systems you hold so your consciousness may inform your daily life. But the body you sit in must also agree to hold the higher octave to be in full expression. The process of re-engagement with the divine self is at the cost of the old, or the release of the known that you have codified and believed to be true. When you know who and what you are you realize what you are not, and you are not your history or your gender or your occupation or your class or your religion. These things become peripheral to your experience of being. You don’t deny your sex or your heritage, but you realize yourself in a way much beyond them.

Conscious Connection: The Guides expressed that the idea of truth is gaining energy. Could they elaborate?

Paul Selig: They talk about the energy of truth as being present. The vibration of truth informs everything. They’ve described it as a tidal wave, which reclaims what is not in alignment. That is not necessarily a process of destruction as much as recreation.

Conscious Connection: Does this have any correlation to the exponential technological acceleration that we’re seeing?

Paul Selig: I hear yes and no.

Not in the way you think. Certainly information bypassing physical form and being readily available models consciousness and how we operate. You can speak to a friend in another country without being present and know who they are visually. But you must understand, the consciousness has been doing this for a very long time. As you re-identify as the true self, your ability to know and to bypass what you perceive as physical law becomes more apparent. Technology is breaking the rules. You may see the rules being broken, but there are other rules at play as well about who you are and what you’re allowed to know yourself as. As you move beyond the known, you are participating in the recreation of what may be claimed in form in all ways.

Conscious Connection: The Guides exist outside of form. Is our reality now heading towards a hybrid of form and consciousness?

Paul Selig: I hear you move beyond form eventually, but that’s not the issue here.

You’re choosing to incarnate in form, and having the experiences that may only be known in form, so we don’t disengage you from the reality that you have come to know yourself through, but we bring you beyond it. We are inclusive of form in our teaching because you stand in the world that you are informing through your consciousness. You are participatory in everything you see because you see it. The consciousness that you hold is informing everything through your own idealization. The value you bring to anything is the value it is given. You decide what is true based on prescription from a smaller self who’s been taught what to see and how to perceive it. As you move beyond the small self’s perceptions, you realize form in very different ways, and the malleability of form becomes an issue as you understand that anything that’s been created can indeed be recreated in a higher way.

Conscious Connection: As we try and live more in alignment with truth, how do we transform these relics of the past?

Paul Selig: They’re saying:

Everything you see, you’re in relationship to, and how you perceive anything claims an identity for it. To claim something is evil reinforces your perception of evil and endows the thing you see with the qualities you would call evil, so you are engaging in the landscape. It has been named for you and by you as well because you are participating. As you claim who and what you are in the higher octave, you begin to claim things in like accord. You move beyond the known because you don’t expect to see it every day. You expect to see what you see, and your reality confirms it.

Once you understand it, you have great opportunity to move beyond the known to what may be known now. You will become less attached to the creations that you’ve inherited to support you, which would include religion or the political systems that you understand must be essential for you to perpetuate yourself. When you understand that these things were created by others in different times to realize themselves in different ways, you can also begin to understand that everything may be made new through conscious perception. The inhabitation of a landscape built in history does not require you to stay in history, but you think it does so you attend to everything as if it will always be there, and that is not the case.

Conscious Connection: Is there any message that the guides would like to share with our readership to help them facilitate their own alignment with truth?

Paul Selig: They would like to say a few things:

Each human being comes to alignment with a set of agreements they seek to realize, but the truest agreement you can make about who and what you are is that the divine has come to realize itself as your true expression. If you can perceive of this even as a possibility, you will reclaim your life in the higher octave we teach in. We are telling you this for a reason. You have believed yourself to be small, but the true self is present in each of you and seeks realization. The song that you are will be sung as you claim it.

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