Jamie Anderson: Shreddin’ Pow With Passion & Purpose

Jamie Anderson is making a name for herself as one of the best female snowboarders in the world. As snowboarding legend Nicolas Müller describes her –

“Jamie rips, wins, and all with the biggest smile on her face. Always.”

Hailing from Lake Tahoe, Jamie made history in the 2014 Sochi Olympics as the first woman to take gold in women’s Olympic Slopestyle, which debuted that year. Throughout her awe-inspiring career, she has won gold medals in multiple Winter X Games and was also the youngest athlete to ever medal in the games. As a matter of fact, Jamie has been on the podium in every X Games she has competed in (that’s a total of 10 medals, in a wide assortment of colors, and counting…)

We recently caught up with Jamie between snowboard trips to learn about what inspires her mountain lifestyle and what it takes to become the best in the world.

Conscious Connection: What first inspired you to get into snowboarding and when did you know you wanted to compete professionally?

Jamie Anderson: My parents raised our family in south Alameda, Lake Tahoe, and my two older sisters got me into snowboarding. After competing in local events, naturally I wanted to get better and have a chance to shred professionally. With lots of time and dedication, I competed in, and won, my first professional slope-style event at age 15. Everything happened so fast. I just remember loving what was going on around me, trusting the universe, and following my heart and passion. (Check out some of Jamie’s hair-raising jumps in these videos from her official website).

Conscious Connection: What kind of snowboarding do you enjoy the most right now? Any favorite mountains / runs?

Jamie Anderson: I love riding Alaskan lines and spines! Nothing like it in the whole world!!

Conscious Connection: What is your proudest professional snowboarding moment?

Jamie Anderson: The Olympics are up there and this last season riding a gnarly line in Haines Alaska I think I was the proudest ever!!!

Conscious Connection: What are some things you do to maintain balance and ensure you’re performing at your peak level?

Jamie Anderson: I try to eat really pure, practice yoga, meditate, write, read, try to feel good with all the chaos around and having a busy lifestyle…

Conscious Connection: Future snowboarding plans – where do you see yourself in a few years?

Jamie Anderson: I want to ride more backcountry. It’s so fun and free – it’s epic!!! Full time back country after the next Olympics!

Jamie Anderson Backcountry
Instagram photo by Jamie Anderson in Haines, Alaska.

Conscious Connection: Right on! We love riding backcountry too and it certainly gives you a deep appreciation for nature. Tell us about some causes you’re passionate about. How can our readers get involved?

Jamie Anderson: Coming from a big family and knowing how challenging it was to pay for my sport I’ve started a charity to help get underprivileged kids into the sport. By getting into a sport like snowboarding at a young age helps so much with life values. Realizing how precious our environment is number one and by connecting kids with the mountains at a young age they’re bound to care more about our resources and environment and eventually will be the next environmental leaders. It’s a win-win situation…starting small but growing. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is good for everyone! You can read more about my charity and donate at JamieandersonSnow.com 🙂 I also work with Protect Our Winters (POW) in the fight against climate change.

Conscious Connection: What would be your advice for our readers also looking to be successful pursuing their dreams?

Jamie Anderson: Manifest your destiny! Be positive, don’t let the tough times bring you down. We all have challenges in life and it’s what makes us who we are. Be happy, do you and do what you love, you’ll be successful regardless. Our thoughts are powerful so be mindful of what you think. What you believe you will achieve!

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