Sierra Blair-Coyle: This “Girl Rocks” Rock Climbing

For Sierra Blair-Coyle, “girls rock” isn’t just a saying on a bumper sticker. With her blonde hair, petite frame, and gorgeous smile one would think “supermodel.” Think more in terms of “athlete model” – Sierra is a professional rock climber and model rolled into one. With spider-like grace, Sierra glides effortlessly (usually without ropes) across some of the toughest climbing terrains (meanwhile keeping her nail polish intact).

Twenty-two year old Scottsdale, AZ. native Sierra Blair-Coyle has competed professionally in rock climbing since the tender age of fourteen.  At 16, Sierra overcame potentially disabling back injuries to become a world-class rock climber. Some of her many achievements include:

  • Voted one of the “Top 99 Most Outstanding Women of 2015” by AskMen online
  • World Cup Competitor : 2016 – present
  • Two-time National Champion,  junior division
  • Currently a US team member
  • LG CordZero™ ad, climbing a skyscraper using vacuum suction cups!

Sierra graduated May 2016 from Arizona State University with a degree in marketing. However, Sierra had her sites on professional rock climbing since the age of eight. Conscious Connection caught up with Sierra recently for a few questions.

Conscious Connection: What drove you to pursue climbing full-time?

Sierra: When I began climbing, I had always wanted to become a professional rock climber. Even though I was 8 years old, that was my ultimate goal. To this day I still feel incredibly lucky that I have been able to make that dream a reality. Climbing has been an amazing addition to my life.

Conscious Connection: What kind of climbing do you enjoy the most right now?

Sierra: I love all types of climbing, but right now I am definitely psyched on bouldering! Above all, no matter what type of climbing I am doing I mainly love just being surrounded by my friends and having fun.


Conscious Connection: As to your future climbing plans – where do you see yourself in several years?

Sierra: In the next several years I hope to continue training hard, competing, traveling, and having fun! I think it would be great to coach at some point as well. I have coached in the past but it hasn’t been a priority because of my own training and competition schedule.

Conscious Connection: Who are some of your biggest inspirations in life and why?

Sierra: My mom and grandma are my biggest inspirations in life. They’re both incredibly strong and kind women who have been involved in my life and have continued to inspire me every single day. I hope that one day I can become as amazing as them!

Conscious Connection: How do you stay motivated to keep pushing the envelope?

Sierra: I love the feeling of improving and being the best I can be. There is something new I can learn or try everyday in climbing. Whether it is something small or something big, I always strive to make new gains in climbing.

Conscious Connection: Tell us about some causes you’re passionate about.

Sierra: Although I’m not currently involved in any causes, I have a definite interest in animals and women’s rights. I would definitely love to be more involved with these causes, and others, in the future.

Conscious Connection: What would be your advice for our readers also looking to be successful pursuing their dreams?

Sierra: My advice would be to work hard, believe in yourself, and know that progress takes time! You truly can do anything you set your mind to.

For more on Sierra Blair-Coyle, watch this interview, this unbelievable climb using vacuum suction cups (LG CordZero™ ad), and of course, her personal website.

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