4 Sustainability Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Sustainability Podcasts for the Masses

Finding sustainability podcasts that resonate with you isn’t as easy as it should be. Luckily, for the environmentally conscious listeners, we have some great recommendations. Discovering a new podcast can sometimes feel a bit like dating – hours of searching followed by excitement, disappointment, and occasionally the right fit! Sometimes you know it isn’t going to work out right off the bat and other times it may be a slow start to a great relationship. Occasionally, if you’re really lucky, you’ll find a great podcast completely by accident.

With all the podcasts out there and not enough time to vet them, a good recommendation can go a long way. Whether you want to get serious with some actionable tips about being more sustainable, or you’re just looking for a good time and want to stay up on the latest eco news, the right sustainability podcasts are out there waiting for you:

Think Sustainably

Think Sustainably is a new podcast that has started off strong. The Australian duo keeps the show moving at a fast pace and does a great job of packing in a lot of info into their weekly 30 minute show. Think Sustainably is produced very well which is why this podcast is at the top of our list. They clearly research each topic they discuss, bring on well informed guests, and the sound quality is top notch.

Their show line, “practical solutions for a better planet” is a surprisingly accurate description of the show. This podcast will make you re-think your everyday habits and how they fit into a sustainable world. In their latest episode they started with ethical supply chains and ended with a discussion on the question of which pets are most sustainable.

The issues they cover reveal the seriousness of some of the problems we face, but they also highlight the innovation individuals and groups are working on to solve them. There are some intense moments of the show when discussing the hard facts, but their use of pop culture references and sound effects provide creative comic relief.  

The Minimalists Podcast

This podcast was started by two guys, Josh and Ryan, who have been living the minimalist lifestyle for about six years. Their podcast is pretty new – they just released episode 17 – but they have been blogging about their minimalist lifestyle and providing advice through their books and other services for several years.

The Minimalists podcast offers a different side of sustainability. The hosts discuss “living a meaningful life with less stuff” which inherently involves having less of an impact on the environment. I started listening to this podcast with the intention of applying their minimalist approach to my consumption, with a focus on environmental conservation, but I’ve ended up taking away much more.

Josh and Ryan have a very conversational style which makes them easy to listen to. So far their format has been to answer topical questions posed by their listeners which more often than not leads the conversation deep into the caverns of the minimalist mindset. I like to tune in to this podcast while I’m driving or out walking because you don’t have to be intently listening the whole time. The episodes are generally around one hour and I find there to be chunks I’m really interested in and other times where I find my mind drifting off to other things.


This sustainability-related podcast is appropriately classified as a comedy. The hosts Dave and Ol work for environmental charities and come together weekly to joke about the environment, politics, and sustainability. With a vibe that resembles This Week Tonight, this pair of UK based environmentalists use a dry humor to highlight the reality of our environmental degradation and the lack of action taken to address it.

They are remarkably well informed in the politics of environmental issues and they do a great job of breaking down common misconceptions, greenwashing techniques, and generally misleading eco babble. To give you a taste of their style, one of their segments is titled “Inhofe Time” named after the American Senator Jim Inhofe who is a known climate change denier famous for proclaiming global warming is a hoax. In this segment they take an example of someone who has made an absurd statement, point out why it was so ridiculous, and poke fun at it.

Episodes are about 30 minutes and are released every Sunday which positions this podcast perfectly to help you kickoff the work week. It’s one of the few podcasts I’ve listened to that actually makes me laugh out loud. A few other segments in the show include “reasons to be cheerful”, intended to offer a break from the environmental cynicism, and of course, “sustainababble”, the core of the show that mocks fluffy sustainability talk around the world.

Green Dreamer

Green Dreamer is a podcast hosted by eco creative, Kamea Chayne, that releases two 30-45 minute interviews per week. With a focus on intersectional sustainability and wellness, these episodes explore how to enrich your life with meaning and intention, support the regeneration of healthy communities and biodiverse ecosystems for all, and elevate your positive impacts through your unique voice, creativity, and passion projects.

Green Dreamer’s diverse range of podcast guests include actor-entrepreneur Adrian Grenier of Lonely Whale Foundation; Kate Williams of 1% For the Planet; hip hop artist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of Earth Guardians; Dr. Marcus Eriksen of 5 Gyres Institute; Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home; Orsola de Castro of Fashion Revolution; Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm; soil microbiologist Dr. Kris Nichols; and more.

This podcast is made for those who are yearning to live lives of vitality and fulfillment and who are dreaming of a thriving planet to call home. As lifelong learners, Kamea and her guests inclusively and inquisitively dive into how sustainability is intersectional to all areas of our lives and what we can each do to inspire more harmony and connection in our world.

I hope you’ve found something you like here and if you have recommendations we would love to hear them. You can comment below, tweet CCZine @ConConnections, or tweet me @theprch. Have fun, be safe.

Featured Image Illustration by Tara Barnett

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