Corporate Wellness: Staying Well With a Busy Job

Achieve Peak Performance Through Corporate Wellness

Corporations know that for its success, its employees need to be at their best. But how? Work employees to the bone and risk absences, time off, or a sick leave? Instead, it’s smarter for them to create a culture of corporate wellness and have available to them a joyful environment, with healthful practices.

Workplace wellness is so important because you should never sacrifice your health for anything – or anyone. With work access being 24/7 these days, health access needs to be the same 24/7 awareness.

Running out of time is the one thing we as workers are so fearful of, yet that fear and worry saps our time. It slows down our pace and what could have taken 10 minutes now takes 30.  We are weighed down with the worry of all the endless tasks left for us to do. 

Having corporate wellness programs available to employees at the office makes it easier to maintain those healthy habits – keeping their energy and productivity up while decreasing worry, stress and poor habits. Obviously, taking full advantage of your workplace’s wellness program is an excellent way to ensure great health. There are also other ways that you practice to stay well with a busy job.

How can you stay well with a busy job?

Attitude and mindfulness are everything.  Having a positive attitude each day is the key to great health. The simplest way to maintain a happy way of being is to always smile. It’s that simple! Bringing mindfulness into all that you do helps to increase your awareness of what is working and what is not. With awareness, you can make changes where needed.

Take deep breaths throughout the day. Before you check your emails, answer a call or text, go to a meeting or hop on a conference call – take a mindful moment and breathe in 3 deep, slow breaths.

Make wellness a priority even when you’re swamped with work. Have a routine and ritual that works even when there are time constraints. Maybe you don’t have time for a one hour workout, but you could swing 15 minutes on a stressful day.  You’ll be surprised how taking out those 15 minutes can give you a refreshed attitude and view point – thus enhanced productivity.

Take every opportunity to get up and move. Whether it’s a walk to the bathroom, a stroll to fill up your water bottle, or avoiding writing an email to your neighbor and getting up to go speak to them instead. Get up every chance that you can to move your body and step away from your desk throughout the day.

Slow down to nourish yourself with food.  Never skip meals. Instead, be sure to eat balanced, full meals and always be aware while you are eating.  Will the food in front of you nourish your mind, body and soul? Eat somewhere besides your desk, away from your computer/work. Chew your food slowly and enjoy each bite. When you are more mindful of the food you’re eating and your habits around food, binge or mindless eating sprees may fall to the wayside.  

Check in with yourself each day at work. Are you creating your habits or are your habits creating you? There are so many ways to bring wellness into the workplace. Let’s be the change we need to be and create a new way of doing business!

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