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Greener Home Living with simplehuman

Here at Conscious Connection we’re big believers in eco-home living that doesn’t sacrifice design or functionality. As a part of our ongoing Creative Home Living series, we had the chance to experience the simplehuman rectangular sensor recycler which brings a whole new element of style to throwing away trash and recycling in the home. Always looking to improve day-to-day life, simplehuman has made it their mission to solve simple, yet often overlooked problems and make people more efficient in their daily tasks at home.

Their touch-free rectangular sensor recycler (pictured above) makes it incredibly easy to throw things away by opening automatically with just a wave of your hand — perfect for those times when your hands are full or covered in food from the latest organic vegan meal you just cooked up. Not only that, but the touch sensor automatically reacts and adapts to your behavior so it won’t open up unexpectedly or closed before you’ve finished your task. But our favorite part was the sleek and stylish two interior buckets that make it incredibly easy and fun to separate trash and recycles all in one place.

We put the simplehuman recycler through the ringer of kids playing, dogs running and cats jumping near the sensor — and not once did it falsely trigger an opening. This is due to their multi-sense touch-free sensor technology that is the most effortless and hygienic way to throw out the trash. The advanced multi-sense technology literally adapts to your task at hand and is in sync with your specific needs.

When the can is in ready-mode, the trigger zone is a focused space directly above the lid — easy enough to reach but precise enough to avoid false triggers. Once the lid is opened, the can switches to task mode and the trigger zone extends to become more sensitive to activity so that the lid won’t close before you’re finished. After 3 seconds of continuous activity, the lid automatically opens wider and switches to a 30 second stay-open mode which is great for longer chores.

Not only does it allow you to neatly sort your trash and recyclables in the dual-bucket recycler, but the batteries in there last up to one year with normal use. In terms of energy efficiency, it also comes with an optional power adapter so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries. If you’re looking for the latest in eco-design and functionality, then look no further than the simplehuman rectangular sensor recycler. Get yours today at

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