Benefits of Smart Risk Taking

True Achievement Comes from Core Desires

Having your heart set on something that you are prepared to do anything to achieve is known as a core desire. If you were to put these wants on a scale of 1-10 a core desire would sit firmly at 10 and not move until it was completed. Many people have a difficult time when trying to engage there ultimate desire. For example, if you want to go on holiday but you don’t have enough money most people would just accept this and move on. However, if you engage your core desire you will try every way possible to find and make the money needed for a holiday. You will be willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, no matter what to get it.

If you do not long to achieve a desire then you will be stopped by a wall or obstacle that is bigger than the desire (using the example above the obstacle would be not having the money). However, when you know exactly what you want you will appear to be super-human to achieve it!

Chuck Norris once said: “I’ve always found that anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you’ve got to have that drive and determination to overcome those obstacles on route to whatever it is that you want to accomplish.”

Being willing to do anything to satisfy your desire introduces risk in to your life. People perceive the level of risk differently often depending on life experiences. William Gurstelle, bestselling American author believes that a person’s tendency to take risks has a major impact on their happiness and successes in life.

Although, is this only the outcome because the people taking the risks are the people who have their core desire in the 100s and nothing is going to stop them. Is there a correlation between definitive core desires and having a successful, fulfilled life through taking risks?

Studies in to risk-taking have found that, much like core desires, it can be measured on a scale of 1 to 100. On average most people would be neither completely afraid of taking risks, for instance, getting out of bed on a morning. Nor would they be a complete dare devil like Evil Kinevil.

After years of research Gurstelle discovered that the majority of people will fall somewhere in the middle of the risk scale. However, there is a special section just to the right of the middle which William Gurstelle has named “the golden third”. He argues that “people, who fall into this category, are more willing to take risks and capitalize on opportunities, experience the highest index of life satisfactions and fulfillment”.

However, once you enter the ‘golden third’ there is always the possibility of falling out of it and straying in to the reckless behavior zone like many thrill seekers have done in the past. It is essential to maintain a safe level of curiosity, motivation and a keen desire to move forward otherwise you end up being stuck in the same position as always. Your core desires will help push you forward to achieve your ultimate goal.

Jane Downshire of Teenagers Translates is a qualified councilor who works with teenagers to develop and educate them on the high risk-taking tendencies many teenagers face. She shares some advice on how to get deal with your core desires while managing high risk-taking effectively: “people must reflect on their actions and assess the outcomes consciously. Without feedback on your actions you become narcissistic and uncivilized. When the consequences of your actions bare no meaning to you, you become destructive to the people around you”.

Furthermore, Lynsey Dixon, Head of Marketing at tombola, speaking on the subject of associated problems with staying in the ‘Golden Third’ when going after core desires, and the ways in which individuals can seek help, said: “In the gaming industry it is important to remember that it is about enjoying the thrill of the game and not about gambling to make money. At tombola, we place huge emphasis on the overall experience. We take our responsibilities seriously and work with a number of organisations to offer support, help and guidance to those who need it and encourage sensible behavior. It is crucial that individuals stay in control when taking risks, regardless of the situation”.

Persistence & Determination

When you finally have a core desire and you know this is 100% a ‘must have/do’ task you need to make sure you have the self-confidence to be able to achieve what you want. Many people will claim they are not willing to sacrifice their security, and find risk-taking to be too frightening but once they realize that everything in life involves a degree of risk; your confidence becomes the cure for risk aversion.

However, if your self-confidence is low, borrow some from those who are confident. Follow their advice and do what they do. For example, if you were afraid to swim you would go to a swimming instructor. You borrow their knowledge, faith and confidence but sooner or later you will still have to take a risk of getting in the water without the instructor.

It will take time to master but once your confidence is higher, once you start down the path under the advice of a successful guide you will have the motivation and determination to achieve your core desire through smart risk-taking.

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