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Who Says the Creative Lifestyle Can’t Be Fast?

If there’s one thing we love here at Conscious Connection, it’s an adrenaline rush — not to mention the lifestyle that goes along with it. We’ve been known to ski the highest mountains, climb the steepest peaks and pilot the fastest vehicles. We endlessly pursue exhilarating activities in order to experience life at its fullest potential — all the while working tirelessly to bring you products and brands that embody those same principles. The latest is Torgoen Swiss Watches — a company that knows there are few things more exciting than doing barrel rolls above the clouds at several hundred miles per hour. Torgoen is the leading watch manufacturer for aviators, speedsters and all around adrenaline junkies. But Torgoen Swiss is more than just a brand — it’s a way of life.

“Aviation, racing, speed, and control… that’s a lifestyle. It’s not about any product you buy: your vehicle, your leather jacket, or your tools. It’s about being able to get where you want to go; fast. It’s about the rush, the feeling like nothing is impossible” — Spencer Suderman, Aerobatic Flight Pilot

Torgoen is a brand that fully embodies these principles and appeals to your life in the fast lane. Their attention to precision emanates from their sponsorship of Formula 1 racers, aerial trick pilots, and the Torgoen Flight Academy.

When asked why he is constantly excited, Mike Locket, Torgoen Swiss Vice President and Director of Sales replies: “How could I not be? We are constantly doing new things: new designs, new measurement tools, new durability technology…” Sitting in the $300-$800 price range, it is hard to beat the value of Torgoen Swiss watches.

Torgoen: Where Style Meets Performance

Torgoen Swiss Watches
Torgoen Professional Stunt Pilot Ambassador

We got to review the Torgoen T16 — a watch model that incorporates modern style with cutting edge design and Swiss movement precision. Torgoen Swiss was created by aviation enthusiasts and watch manufacturers with a mission to create a line of professional pilot watches. With features ranging from E6B Flight Computers to GMT Dual Time hands that read time in military format, Torgoen’s focus is in creating professional pilot instruments.

Their cockpit inspired dials are designed for quick readability day or night and have luminescent hands and indexes. To ensure accuracy, each Torgoen Swiss Timepiece also features a precise Swiss quartz movement. For the essential travelling instrument, many Torgoen Swiss timepieces feature Dual Time or Triple Time Zone functions. The slide rule E6B Flight Computer provides pilots with the ability to perform a wide range of mathematical functions ranging from fuel consumption to time, speed and distance calculations.

Torgoen Swiss’ obsession with quality promises that from preparation to production, their commitment to the highest quality standards is uncompromised. Each Torgoen Swiss watch passes strict quality control procedures to ensure accuracy, water resistance and endurance. The watches are tested under various extreme conditions including temperature variation, dust, humidity, impact and vibration. The result is a watch that can handle conditions as extreme as you are.

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