Green Cosmetics: Not Just Good For Your Skin

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: Great for People and Planet

Beauty is big business. Suffice it to say that most cosmetics companies are in the business of making money, despite the effects their products may have on the environment or the very people that use them. For instance, today’s cosmetics are known to be chock-full of parabens (that act like estrogen and can disrupt our natural hormonal balance), talc (which is closely related to asbestos), and BHA (a toxic preservative).

Although we may not know the long-term effects of many of these chemicals, such toxins slathered and sitting on the skin can be absorbed into the body. With thousands of possible carcinogens floating in our cosmetic drawer, is beauty really worth the risk?

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is turning this ethos on its head with their worldwide push towards ethical products and practices. First and foremost, LUSH believes in making effective products from fresh ingredients (it’s even in their name!). This means that LUSH’s products are cultivated from organic fruits and vegetables, essential oils, and safe synthetics.

LUSH believes in using natural ingredients to let the skin and hair function naturally in a healthy way. They believe that natural ingredients produce natural results. Your skin gets the most out of these fresh ingredients’ nutrients; in fact, about two-thirds of their product line is made wholly without preservatives of any kind. They look great, smell delicious, and feel fabulous!

Not only are LUSH’s products safe for human use (and sometimes even consumption), no ingredient ever used is tested on animals. According to their website, “Cosmetic companies are responsible for providing safety assurances in whatever manner they deem appropriate. This can be done without any new animal testing by relying on the roughly 20,000 established cosmetic ingredients that have already been evaluated for their safety, and through the use of a growing number of proven, non-animal test methods.” LUSH’s commitment to anti-animal testing is so strong they’ve even begun to proactively seek an end to testing on animals by awarding an annual (hefty) prize to address alternative testing practices, policies, research, and awareness.

The good karma put into the universe by LUSH also has a positive impact on the environment, vitally important to the authenticity of an eco-friendly company. At the core of their philosophy is “naked” and “packaging-free” products. That means that most of their products are shipped with little or no packaging whatsoever! When packaging is required, however, LUSH tries to use recycled-only or compostable materials wherever possible.

The company spends a great deal of time concentrating efforts on new and innovative ways of interacting with the environment. LUSH believes in saving electricity by using renewable energy sources, reducing water usage (i.e. soaps come in bar- not liquid- form), and making their products locally to source low-impact transportation globally. Kudos to LUSH for reducing their carbon footprint!

When it comes to being innovators in social business and sustainable products, LUSH is lathering us up for a better tomorrow. Their line of eco-friendly handmade cosmetics are good for body, mind and soul. Do your skin and our planet a favor and check them out at

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