Best Surfing in Puerto Rico

The Best Surfing in Puerto Rico: Destination Rincon

World Class Surfing in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincon Puerto Rico is a true gem nestled amidst a Caribbean paradise. Whether you are looking for the best surfing in Puerto Rico, a relaxing beach getaway or world class scuba diving, Rincon has something for everyone. As home to many of the best surfing beaches in Puerto Rico, Rincon is definitely a world class destination for surfers of all levels. In addition, there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy such as snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding and authentic island eating experiences.

To get to Rincon, flying into Aguadilla is usually your best bet. But if you’re coming from the Northeast US you’re going to have to take the red eye. All flights into Aguadilla from here arrive/depart around two in the morning. You could always opt to fly into San Juan at a more reasonable hour, but either way you’re going to want to rent a car. The drive from Aguadilla is only about thirty minutes if you know where you’re going. From San Juan to Rincon will usually take around two hours. Renting a car here is pretty affordable and will definitely come handy as you explore all that Rincon has to offer.

Arrival To Rincon via 413: Road To Happiness

When you first approach Rincon via car you will be confronted with route 413, the “road to happiness”. When you see this sign, you’ll know you’ve arrived in surfers paradise. Rincon has drawn many surfers from all around the world ever since it was put on the map by the 1968 World Surfing Championship held at Domes beach.

The Best Surfing In Puerto Rico

The best season for surf in Rincon is from November to April with consistent waves in the water, lots of offshore days and great weather. The sun is almost always out and the water is around 80 degrees this time of year.

The surfing beaches in Rincon cater to a wide variety of skill levels and are all within a few minutes from one another. You have Marias Beach and Dogmans which cater to beginners and intermediates on small and midsized days. Then you have Domes and Indicators which are more of an intermediate wave with good size. The great part about Rincon is the point at Bo Puntas since this offers beaches in close proximity which are affected by the wind in different ways. If the wind is bad at Marias you may find clean surf a few minutes up the road at Domes.

There’s also plenty of opportunity for big wave chargers with enough guts to paddle out at Tres Palmas during a peak swell. We’ve seen it on days where the surf pushed 20+ feet and it was an awe to behold as some brave locals went for glory.

Food & Lodging in Rincon

When arriving in Rincon, there are plenty of places to stay that capture the authentic island life but also provide ample amenities. Our favorite go-to spot is Fish Eye Vacation Rentals overlooking the five best surf breaks in Rincon and a perfect view of the island sunset. Depending on the size of your group, they have many options including two apartments, a studio and a gorgeous main house. All accommodations are comfortable with private balconies and a set of infinity pools.

If you’re looking for good food, then check out La Cambija in town and Copa Llena down by the marina. Make sure you try the fish tacos at Shipwreck which are made with fish caught right there on the island. The Puntas Bakery is also a local/tourist favorite and your best bet for a quick and delicious breakfast or lunch. If you’re into a more luxurious brunch experience, then head on up to the English Rose. Set high atop a cliff, they serve a variety of fresh squeezed juices and offer the absolute best french toast around. While you’re in town also be sure to stop at Carta Buena for fresh coffee, juices, salads and gluten free pumpkin muffins. At night head on over to Tamboo, Casa Verde or Con Fresi for an amazing rum concoction served in a fresh coconut chopped open by the bartender’s machate.

Book Your Rincon Surf Vacation

Whether looking for the best surfing in Puerto Rico, a relaxing beach getaway or world class SCUBA diving, Rincon has something for you. The waves are epic, the food is delicious and the weather is perfect.

So what are you waiting for? Book your Rincon vacation now and tell them we sent you!

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