An Interview with Kidd Lúcid of Time-Peace, the World’s First Intergalactic Watch Company

Time-Peace is the watch company of the present.

Time peaceThey want to change our perception of time so we can stop worrying and start Being. Their goal is to create a shift in the way we view the world by realizing that we are all interconnected by the present moment. The Time-Peace symbol is an integration of their four universal principles that can help anyone live in the NOW and create a foundation for peace.

I was lucky enough to land an exclusive interview with their founder and Chief Executive Dreamer, Kidd Lúcid…

Conscious Connection: As an avid lucid dream myself, I’m curious how you got the name Kidd Lúcid?

Kidd Lúcid: Kidd Lucid is the name of my higher self so I decided to take the name as a reminder of my true nature and as an effort to embody my highest self Now. I believe we always have access to our higher selves and that’s a lot of what this journey is all about — learning who/what we are, and not being afraid to be it.

Conscious Connection: So what exactly is Time-Peace and what is your company mission?

Kidd Lúcid: Time-Peace is a metaphor for the evolution of consciousness. It’s a project started by 6 friends set out to remind people of their true nature. If we have a mission, it would be to help co-create a harmonic world where people live in abundance, are not afraid to be themselves/grow, and love one another. No more self limiting beliefs. Imagine if we all were having as much fun as possible all the time. Every next day is the best day of your life!

Conscious Connection: How did you come to be involved in Time Peace and how did it all get started?

Kidd Lúcid: As a child I realized it was impossible for me to know anything for sure. The only thing I could ever possibly know is myself, so from that point on I decided the most important thing I could do is be an explorer, and I made sure to record everything I felt in my heart to be true. That journey led me to reading the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, which is when I realized that everyone was wearing watches that said the wrong time, so I’m going to make watches that tell the right time.

Understanding that time is an illusion was a peace to a puzzle in my mind that helped bring my whole philosophy together. When there is absolutely nothing to worry about, Life is the most amazing thing there could possibly be. As a child I always knew that all is one, and the universe is in alignment, but now I finally understood why/how that was true. So far I think I’ve spent the first half of my life being myself, and the second half trying to figure out what i knew in my first half.

Conscious Connection: Why is recognizing now as the only time there is important?

Kidd Lúcid: There are a lot of reasons. For one thing, it is empowering, because if you can allow yourself to be present, it means that you are free. Free from any stress you’ve been holding onto in the past, and free of any future oriented worry that’s preventing you from being your true self now. Regardless of what’s happened, or what you think might happen, you can do whatever you want now! Go do it.

Also, knowing that the time is now helps me see how I am connected to everything and everyone in the universe, because we all exist together here, now.. We’re all dreaming this dream together. So that’s how you get true peace; when you understand you are connected to me, you don’t want to harm me because you don’t want to harm yourself. The next step is realizing that not only are we all here now, but we are all here creating the now. This means that it’s essentially up to us to create the world we want to live in. This is an incredibly powerful realization because most people are conditioned to think that just because things are the way they are, means that they have to be that way. This is simply not true. We are the universe. The universe is creation. This means that it’s all up to us. When you recognize that now is the only time there is, this forces you to act on what you know in your heart is true. THOSE WHO KNOW, ACT.

Conscious Connection: What does it mean to ‘change our perception of time in order to start Being?’

Kidd Lúcid: We want to act out of love, not fear. The way I see it we are collectively living in fear because we are afraid of our own potential. I’ve always had a fear of why on earth we’re so afraid, because when you start to see through everything it can be kind of scary. I think what it comes down to in the end is a fear of nonexistence. If we decide to really be ourselves and become the embodiment of love, then life becomes real, and if it’s real than it can be lost. But that’s why it’s important to know yourself, because you realize that you are ever-present, and love can never be lost.

If you know in your heart that the universe is in alignment and you are where you need to be at all times, what could you possibly have to be afraid of? Sometimes when I am living in fear it helps to ask myself “when I am afraid, who does it benefit?” So what we’re talking about is 2 things; Spiritual self confidence, and ecstatic urgency.

Conscious Connection: What are Time Peace’s four universal principles?

Kidd Lúcid:

  • Time is an illusion (the only moment that ever exists is now).
  • Your perception creates your reality (you can change the world by changing the way you look at it).
  • Everything is interconnected (All is one, so love every one).
  • The Universe is in alignment (You are where you need to be so stop worrying and start Being).

Conscious Connection: So how can I get my hands on one of these bad boys and any suggestions as to which one?

time peace watchKidd Lúcid: Ask the universe because the universe gives you what you ask for. Or go to and check them out. My personal favorite right now is the White Fudge Oreo Season Lightwarrior.

Conscious Connection: Any exciting new projects that you’re working on other than Time-Peace?

Kidd Lúcid: Be on the lookout for UN1-VERSE RECORDS. Aside from the first intergalactic watch company, I’ve now started up the world’s first intergalactic record label. Not only are we all connected through the present, but we are all connected through music which is the universal language. If you break up the word UNIVERSE you’ll notice UNI means “one” and VERSE “song”, so the whole universe is one song which means that WE are all the artists. So it’s another way of expressing the time-peace philosophy, except through music, which is way more powerful than watches. I’m really excited about this project and am having a lot of fun finding new ways to express myself, while meeting insanely talented present artists.

Time-Peace is just one way Our Love Will Turn You On, but it’s not the only way. We already have our first music festival coming up August 20th in Ft Lauderdale called Intergalactic Shaman. Check us out at

Conscious Connection: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me about Time Peace! Anything else you would like to add?

Kidd Lúcid: I always like to remind people that everything you’ve ever done and every decision you’ve ever made in your entire life has led you to this moment right here right now- so believe in yourself! You can take it a step further and contemplate the fact that everything that’s ever happened in the history of the entire universe has led us all here to this moment right here, right now. WTF!

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