I spent the moment when the quake was supposed to hit in the ocean surfing.  If the tsunami wave was coming, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the chance to ride it.

I was disappointed to say the least.  This all started with Harold Camping, an apocalyptic Christian broadcaster, who claimed that a cataclysmic earthquake was to occur on May 21 and begin the long sought after Christian rapture in which God’s chosen ones are Ascended into heaven.  He claimed that this last Saturday was to mark the beginning of a sixth month period of death and destruction for our entire world.

Fortunately for us, this earthquake and destruction did not come to pass – like we all knew it wouldn’t.  But lets dive a little deeper into this mysterious predication and why it even happened in the first place.  What forces were really at work behind this multi-million dollar marketing campaign and why?  For those of you who don’t know, advertisements were placed in subways, national newspapers and all over the place publicizing the fact that May 21 was the end of the world.

What would cause this man to spend his entire fortune on propagating the end of times and why was the mass media so willing to run his message?

Without knowing anything about this guy, I can speculate that this marketing campaign was an effort by the so called “powers that were” through an individual scapegoat, who was potentially even under mind-control, in an attempt to sway the mass consciousness into believing that a terrible earthquake would happen on Saturday – and in turn actually contribute to its manifestation.  Fortunately, not enough people believed it and nothing happened.

For all those people who were standing in the subway tunnel everyday handing me flyer’s about the end, I have one thing to say: Please wake up and find something better to do – you have been given another chance to re-examine yourself and choose a life of love over fear.  Perhaps you are lost, and do not know what to believe or how to live a productive and just life.  You have now been given the chance to see the light which is all around you and existing within each and every person, regardless of religion, race or creed.

Today is a new beginning and a chance to see the profound truth that the beauty of all life is experienced by expressing love and gratitude in the present moment.


For many of you Jesus-freaks (for lack of a better term) know that Jesus was indeed a great man, but that he is not the only path to truth, God and enlightenment.  For what of the Buddha and other enlightened religious masters?  Their teachings were all the same, and their message was to love.  There is no need to “Fear God”, as one gentleman’s shirt read.  Why don’t you try to “Love God” instead – I guarantee it will have much more positive results in your life.  But don’t take my word for it; just try it and let life do the convincing.

Your mind creates your reality – and our collective mind creates our collective reality.

In an upcoming book by David Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations, scientific data will be presented which supports the idea that our individual states of consciousness can affect our collective mass reality – in profound and fascinating ways.  It will be shown that we are responsible for our individual and collective reality, and that our states of mind can affect things like global terrorism and even the weather.  So how is this possible?

Well, there’s no easy way to explain this so lets start with an understanding of the new physics.  On a quantum level (atomic scale) all matter and energy exist on a unified field – this was the nature of the universe before the Big Bang and still is today at the most fundamental level.  Your body and mind are not separate from our reality, and the brain waves in your head resonate with the gravity wave on Earth.  This wave exists on a plank scale (100 times smaller than an atom) and they are seamlessly integrated.

The Earth gravity field affects the weather, tectonic plate movements, tides and all life on our planet.  This frequency wave is harmonized with our states of mind.  If our minds are in a state of peace, our world recognizes this and responds accordingly.  If our minds are under stress and in disharmony, then our world will reflect that back to us as well.  For instance, if you are a negatively minded person you will notice that negative things always seem to happen to you for no good reason.  Alternatively, if you are a positive minded person, you will find great things are happening to you all the time.

Monks meditating have been hooked up to brain wave measurement machines and have been shown to emit different waves from alpha, delta and gamma states based on how deep their meditative state was.  The deeper the state, the more harmonizing the brain wave.  One study has also shown that several thousand people meditating on world peace caused a world-wide drop in terrorism and international conflicts by 30% – imagine what a million people could do!

By meditating regularly and placing our own minds into a state of peace we are actually contributing to global stabilization, harmony and peace.

The people in power have known about the new physics for decades and have things like a remote viewing division, psychic army’s and anti-gravity technology.  In fact, the CIA invested publicly in this in as early as the 70’s and just took the projects underground when they came up against public backlash.

The global military shadow government also knows if they use their HAARP weapon to target specific fault-lines and storms, that the amplification of these weather events can only happen to the degree which our collective unconscious will allow – for we create our own reality (both individually and collectively)!  I can’t stress this point enough.

Seemingly random events like tornadoes, tsunamis and perhaps even oil spills are in fact only occurring because our collective unconscious is allowing them to in order to teach us some lesson.  Right now our collective consciousness is in a state of flux and disharmony because of the global transition that’s happening.  We are evolving from a dualistic, separative worldview to a more holistic and integrated perspective that centers on collaboration and mutual benefit.  A new world is being born as the old one crumbles beneath us and we are going to continue to experience some growing pains.

The “powers that were” know this and do everything they can to keep us in a state of negative mind, because they believe we are inferior and must be controlled.  They believe the worlds population must be cut in half in order to preserve our planet and their web of power.  Let me put you at ease by saying they are very wrong and have vastly misjudged the power of the people to topple their suppressive regime and attempt at control.

The truth is, when our resources are managed properly and sustainably, our Earth can handle billions more people than we have today.

The multi-million dollar end of the world ad campaign had to do with the “powers that were” pathetic last ditch effort to use their psy-ops mainstream media propaganda machine to cause another “natural disaster” and position themselves as our saviors.  In conjunction with their crude weather manipulating technology, they would step in and offer the FEMA camps they’ve been building as the only hope for millions of displaced American citizens.  This would be their justification for a military police state and further world domination.

There are of course many factions at work on the world stage, and several of them oppose this suppressive world-wide terrorist shadow government.  For more information on the various warring factions, please refer to my article on the global elite.

Our emotions are affected by the weather.

How many times have you been sad or frustrated when it rained or snowed?  How many times have you felt happy when the sun was out and it was a beautiful day?  What about feeling depressed in winter and elated in spring or summer?  Our emotional states are clearly influenced by the weather.  But what about vice versa?

Our emotions affect the weather.

Is that not the same as saying weather is affected by our emotions?  Sure the idea is reversed, but our emotions and the weather are definitely connected.  Our emotional states can affect the weather because our mind is connected to the global mind.  Understand and accept this fact and then we can begin to make positive changes.

Do our collective world a favor and don’t buy into the “fear-porn” that is endlessly propagated by the vast military industrial propaganda machine.  Stop back to our magazine often for your daily dose of “good vibes” and contribute to a collective global awakening to the truth of our reality.  Simply by reading this article you are helping to fulfill our millennium vision of world peace, cooperation and an end to poverty, war and suffering.

Share with me in this vision now and give thanks for it as if it has already happened.  Know in your heart that you are indeed helping to bring about its reality, and so it shall be.

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