A fellow seeker and good friend of mine made the decision several months ago to move from New Jersey to Hawaii in pursuit of Enlightenment and Truth.  It has taken great courage to give up all the comforts of home with friends and family to start a new life in a distant and foreign land.  My kudos to you, Jason, for having the strength and determination to answer the voice and calling of your own higher self by dedicating your life to the service of mankind and the pursuit of wisdom and love.

Below are excerpts from emails that Jason has sent me about his experience in Hawaii connecting with the Earth, God and the locals in ways that few of us can imagine.  It is in making the “conscious connection” wherever we go that we attract other individuals into our own life who are seeking the same high mountain along many paths.

My beloved friends and family,

I know that my contact with you all has been minimal. I know that you are all curious as to exactly what it is that I am doing here on this desolate island so far from you all.  I ask myself the same question every day. And every time I ask myself this question, I am met with the same answer. Be Love!  Become Love!  Know Love!  Live Love!  This may sound vague to you and seem like I’m not really doing anything at all.  But to me, I am doing everything.  I know as I always have before that it is not what we are doing; it is who we are being.  Even while I write this letter, I pray to the universe to lend me the strength to be the greatest inspiration of Love that I can be. It is not so easy sometimes.

Please understand that my only motive for this letter is to inspire Love; to inspire change;  to ignite a spark of Love within each of you for at least long enough for you to read and understand this letter.  I Love you all so much and you are in my thoughts constantly. I am continuously drawn to a calling to reach out to my family and let them know the truths I am learning and love I am feeling.  I say learning, but it is really just a remembering; as these truths exist inside every single one of us already.

We just have to tap into the heart to recollect that which has been lost.

My most beloved friends and family, I ask you to open your mind and hearts with me as you read this.  I have prayed for the courage and clarity to reach out to my family in a way where they can be the most receptive to the things I have to say. I pray for the right opportunity to share with my family some of the amazing things that I’ve learned and show them the way that I’ve grown. I pray to be able to do this from a place free of ego and a desire to prove anything. I pray for guidance in being an inspiration. I am blessed.

This weekend I attended a gathering of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council.  These are elders from all over the world who unite to spread prophecies and spiritual light across the globe.  It was a truly amazing experience and a blessing to be around so many enlightened beings.  For about ten hours the grandmothers spoke and there were various ceremonies and prayers.  There were also times when everybody split into groups with particular grandmothers to get specific kinds of information.

I sat with the Grandma Aka as she spoke about Ancient wisdom.  A highly enlightened being, she spoke about everything from her memories of what mankind looked like when we lived on other planets, to very simple lessons on Unconditional Love and following intuition.  The lessons on following intuition, or your “Naa’au”, and practicing discernment, were repeated over and over and proved to be the most simple, powerful, and important lessons of all.

There was so much Love in this place and I learned so much. But the most important lesson was that these enlightened women are just like me.  I am enlightened!  The only difference between them and me is that they practice spiritual truth and the universal laws all the time.  They have obviously had a lot of time to practice, I admit. But what I really see in these women is that they have made a clear choice to be guided by spirit all of the time because they recognized it as their responsibility.  They have all let go and surrendered at a level where the only things that matters to them are matters of spirit.

They repeated over and over that they are no different from us. They are not rocket scientists, they are not professionals, and they do not know anything that we don’t already know.  They stress that it is so simple and you already know all of this. ” You don’t have to go into a trance” said one of the elders, waving her arms in the air, and mocking someone going in a trance, “You already know, you just have to do it”. During the course of the day I realized that what they were saying was true. As they continued to talk and spread their wisdom, it was clear to me that these are the things I talk about all of the time; these are the things that I know. I am no different; I just need to be responsible.

All we need to do is claim love as our responsibility and stop acting like we don’t know.

The world needs us now more than ever, and I believe it is our responsibility to act accordingly. It is time for us to integrate our ego with our own higher selves. It is time for us to let go of all of the things that distract us from our enlightenment. As light workers, it is our duty to engage the world with what we have learned for the benefit of mankind.  The time of apathy and indifference is over.  The time of the Light is now.

So what is the lesson on becoming this enlightened being?  Breathe, and be present. Follow your gut and practice discernment. Follow your gut primarily and not your head and your heart. The head and the heart can deceive you; but the gut, or your intuition and Naa’au will always lead you to the truth of what is right for you. God walks with you always, so act accordingly.  And know what you want and what you don’t want. That is it.

I want you to know the reason I am writing this to you is because I know you are a great source for me to spread the Love with.  Your magazine is a great service to mankind and I know that the more you know, the more the world will benefit.  Thank you so much for your continued service and Light.

Aloha and Love,

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Anthony is the Founder & Publisher of Conscious Connection. Over a ten year career, he has worked with iconic brands to develop integrated marketing campaigns that deliver impact and ROI at-scale. He graduated from Rider University with a degree in marketing & philosophy and also speaks regularly on marketing trends at conferences like SxSW, Sustainable Brands and Digiday.

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