I just recently found this great video discussing what the 2012 “shift of the ages” is really all about.  Hardly the end of the world as we think of it, 2012 is about a new beginning and a cultural renaissance on a massive scale.  The video includes several of my favorite modern-day scholars and authors involved in the conscious evolution field ranging from Daniel Pinchbeck to Ken Wilber, Eckhart Tolle and many others.  There is also reference in the video to the stages of consciousness I talked about in a previous article.  The “integral” worldview is the new emerging paradigm that for the first time in history transcends and includes all the previous perspectives that came before it.  The “Integral Tipping Point” is what happens when a massive convergence of knowledge occurs simultaneously with breakthroughs in science, technology and our understanding of consciousness & the ancient past.

As you will hear in the video below it has been the story of history that when approximately 10% of the total population reaches a new pinnacle in their understanding of the world, a revolution takes place.  We are almost to this point today as time/space/knowledge is compressed into smaller and smaller bits and our society is connected and converged at a level we can hardly imagine.  As Ken Wilber points out in the video, we have reached a stage in our collective conscious development where evolution is actually becoming aware of itself.  At the same time we are being called upon individually to consciously participate in this cosmic evolutionary process.


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