How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Create Wealth

As our society continues to evolve at unprecedented speed we are faced with a brand new way to create, experience and define wealth.  Our very idea of wealth is evolving and we have more opportunities than ever before to create and utilize wealth.  When it comes down to it, we live in a society where money is crucial to survive and thrive.  In this regard money itself is not a bad thing but our interaction and enslavement by this money has become a negative experience.  Such is the basis of the saying “Money is the root of all evil”.

As I will make clear in this essay, money itself is not “evil” but our interpretation of money can be seen as negative.  Particularly in the last century or so, with the advent of the industrial revolution, people have allowed money to control them.  Money has become our master rather than the other way around.  Today, this is all starting to change for the better.

When looking at life from an evolutionary perspective one has a desire to live a life of wealth.  To experience true wealth you must recognize that money is simply a small part of a much broader umbrella of what it means to be wealthy.  Things like health, relationships, happiness, purpose in one’s life, love, rich experiences and money all fall under the bigger category of what it truly means to be wealthy.  When you recognize the value of living life from an evolutionary perspective your very definition and experience of money changes and evolves to incorporate a much bigger picture.

You recognize that your belief in money is just as important as money itself.  For instance, do you believe that money is scarce and extremely difficult to obtain or do you believe that money and wealth is flowing into your life effortlessly?  You will find that by simply altering your perception you will begin to recognize more opportunities to create wealth for yourself.  Now don’t get me wrong as you still have to act on these opportunities in order to take advantage of the shift in your perception.

The Universe has a way of reinforcing everything you believe through actual life experiences.  If you expect to see bills, then you will see bills.  If you expect to see checks, then you will see checks.  You will discover that your life orders itself quite effortlessly around your beliefs.  Believing that wealth and abundance is coming to you in great quantities and being grateful for it in the present will have a powerful effect.  This of course requires discipline and focus each day as well as an unwavering faith that the process will work.  What often happens is people become discouraged to soon because they don’t see any results right away.  This causes people to instantly fall back into the previous negative thought patterns that were creating their life of lack in the first place!

This is why a lot of people who say they may believe these things often have a very different experience and a lack of wealth.  This is simply because they don’t really believe what they are saying on a deep, but crucial, unconscious level.  To begin to change this aspect of yourself requires you live consciously each day in the present and make the best and most productive possible use of your time.  Again this has to do with the two fundamental states of our existence: Being and Becoming and how it is our duty to utilize our creative energy in a way that benefits ourselves and others.

An easy first step, no matter how bad or hopeless your current situation may seem, is to try to look at all the things you have to be grateful for right now and focus on that emotion.  You will find that the energy amplified from this simple exercise will start a chain reaction in the way you think and act throughout each day.  Give thanks for each day from the moment you wake!  Things will begin to happen each day that reinforce this viewpoint and increase unique ways for you to fulfill the beliefs you put out.

When you really think about it money is simply another word for energy.  Instead of focusing on making/spending money try shifting your perception to circulating energy.  How do you spend your vital life energy?  This question could mean how do spend your time/energy to make money and also how do you spend this money and your free time.  In other words, life is a lesson in how to most effectively use energy.  True abundance in one’s own life is about sharing wealth and energy as this amplifies the effect of wealth attraction.

With the advent of the internet and the dawn of the information age we have completely and forever altered our way to create and distribute wealth.  In this day and age information is the most powerful source of wealth even above goods and services.  It is information that allows us to create goods and services in the first place and it is through the wide-spread dissemination of information that also allows the multiplication of wealth like was never before possible.

In a knowledge based economy and with entrepeneurism at an all time high, innovation becomes the key to new wealth creation.  In respect to the global economy, social capital is much higher than our current fiat debt-based economy gives credit for.  In a short while we will all be freed from this corrupt financial system and “zero-sum” game and the true wealth of our society can be released.  This will be possible through a revolution of sorts in the global banking and currency system.  It is the only inevitable way out of our current societal crisis situation and evolution will have a way of working it out on its own.  We have, however, become conscious co-creators in the very process of evolution itself.

As our understanding and belief of wealth continues to evolve our self-organizing economy will change and expand right along with it.  The economy is an extremely complex phenomenon that reacts specifically to our belief in it.  Just ask any stock broker who watches the DOW plummet on days when people are emotionally distraught (like after 9/11 for instance).  As our belief in the current debt based economy wains, a new system focused on abundance will emerge in its wake much like a Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Wealth creation is also becoming far more decentralized as individual internet businesses boom and the global store front made possible through the net continues to evolve.  Social networking plays a big part in the evolution of wealth as well and sites like Helpbank through Facebook are already creating alternative means of currency and bartering aimed at bypassing a corporate controlled monetary system.  The future indeed looks bright for those of us aligned with the current tidal wave of wealth that is just moments away from sweeping across the entire global economy in a cultural Renaissance and convergence the like of which our world has never seen.

Recommended reading: Revolutionary Wealth by Alvin Toffler, anything by Ray Kurzweil & Ron Paul on the Austrian School of Economics.

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