Our Holographic Universe

As science continues to progress from the age of discovery to the age of mastery we are being forced to come to grips with a brand new interpretation of reality.  It seems that all the data is pointing to the idea that our Universe itself is but a holographic projection.  A brand new experiment is going to test the idea that our universe is a holographic projection by “scanning for pixilation in the very fabric of space and time.”

The implications of this are astounding: our reality could be “coded in a finite bandwidth” and the third dimension could be a holographic projection of a 2-D plane of information.  This will begin to usher in a new age of physics that begins to scientifically prove the existence of God, the power of prayer and the ability of our thoughts to not only influence but completely shape our experience – both individually and collectively.

Craig Hogan, a particle astrophysicist at Fermilab in Illinois, is spearheading the experiment, which is set to be performed by the end of next year. The experiment itself is pretty radical because they are attempting to confirm Planck units, which are the “smallest pieces of space, time, mass and other properties of the universe.”  By using two of the world’s most precise clocks, the two laser beams’ rays (split from a single source) can be measured to see if they hit a detector simultaneously. The implication if they don’t is that there is a limit to space-time’s resolution.

The creation of the holometer was inspired by low-frequency “noise” picked up by an experiment called GEO600, which was designed to pick up gravity waves or ripples in space-time.

Skeptics are easy to find, and experimental physicist from GEO600, Hartmut Grote, is one of them. Grote feels it is reasonable to measure this effect, but doesn’t think anything will be measured. Grote does make the bold statement that finding a limit to the universe’ resolution would be earth-shattering. “It would be a very strong impact to one of the most open questions in fundamental physics. It would be the first proof that space-time, the fabric of the universe, is quantized.”

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