Spirituality for the 21st century

As our world continues to evolve and change at unprecedented speed we are facing many unique challenges both individually and collectively as a society.  As globalization begins to take root and expand, we are now faced with a world in which our experience of time and space are changing drastically.  Widespread international travel is literally shrinking space as we can now travel anywhere in the world and be there within 24 hours.  Instant communication over the internet is allowing us to connect and experience other cultures and people like was never before possible.  As business is coordinated more on an international level, our experience of time itself is shifting & expanding as relative time evolves & becomes more universal.

Thanks largely to social networking and the independent blogosphere community we are now able to have a conversation in real-time with someone thousands of miles away, whom we may not even know.  We are able to seek “information on demand” and answers to questions traditional mainstream media won’t even dare to ask.  This is allowing us to totally bypass corporate/government control of knowledge.  And as it has been said many times before: knowledge is power.  A convergence of information and culture is now happening that is awakening our collective “global brain” and allowing for breakthroughs in a variety of fields.

At the same time, our world’s spirituality is dominated by antiquated religions which are seemingly at odds with one another.  Our society is crying out for a coming together of thinking about God and the Universe from one of separation and confusion to one of unity, harmony and understanding.  In our modern space age the new spirituality which is emerging will take all we have learned from science & cosmology and incorporate this knowledge with our very best religious values. This is the spirituality of the 21st century.

It is through this convergence of science and religion that something entirely new is emerging.  Instead of divisions in thinking, our culture is evolving at an incredible pace towards a more holistic and unified worldview in which collaboration and sharing of ideas is leading to a new renaissance.  Science itself has become a model for agreement, but does also have its pathologies & fundamentalists.  While religious groups may disagree, science for the most part has consensus across the board regardless of background (please note we are not talking theoretical science here).  The scientific method and laws of physics are agreed upon by scientists everywhere and has become a religion of sorts in that it unifies a large group of people across cultures.  The spirituality of the 21st century will be a whole new way of interpreting this science and using its unifying power for the greater good of all.

The cosmos are literally “opening up” as quantum science begins to prove the power of prayer and the existence of a “God-like” force that permeates all existence and links everything in the Universe.  A brand new type of physics is emerging which allows for things like free energy, time travel, teleportation and travel to other star systems.  This new physics will incorporate emerging understandings of consciousness as the fundamental structure of the Universe (see Super string theory & unified field theory).  For indeed yesterday’s science fiction is todays science fact. (see also Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Impossible)

With all that is going on in culture from a sociological perspective, it is equally important to improve upon our psychological condition and our impact on the world and each other.  When interacting with our fellow humans the three most powerful phrases we often overlook are simply: “I’m sorry”, “I forgive you”, and “I love you.”  As we all struggle to live from the heart rather than the ego, we often forget to tell the people closest to us how much they mean and how grateful we are to have them in our life.

This comes simply by choosing to live from the perspective of love rather than fear – even in the face of total adversity.  A powerful mantra to repeat to yourself in situations where all seems hopeless is: “Let God, Let Love”.  This will help to center your consciousness into a state of peace and acceptance, recognizing that everything happens for a reason and life itself is simply an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve.  This life is but one brief wink in a universe of expanding possibilities & adventures that continue ad infinitum.  Nothing matters, and yet, Everything matters.

While we all struggle to live from the perspective of love, we are sometimes confronted with the older generation instilling in us a sense of fear.  I suppose this is because they know better.  After all, they have seen much more than we have and are able to impart wisdom and experience that us young uns have not yet been privy to.  It seems that we should seek their advice whenever we have the chance.  Generations older than us can offer great wisdom at times and it would seem counter intuitive to disregard it.

Many times though, their experience has conditioned them to see things in a certain biased or antiquated way.  This can be detrimental to the flowering of consciousness in the younger generation as we are dictated by the elders what it means to succeed in life.  It would also be wise to remember it has been the story of history that the young generations naivety permitted them to attempt the seemingly impossible and yet accomplish it time and time again.

In this regard, our generations lofty goal and vision of Ascension is what we have set out to accomplish.  We can do our part simply by imagining what the world will be like with free energy for everyone, food and shelter for all people and an established world peace.  Feel the Vision of an enlightened society and set the intention to contribute to it somehow.  Don’t worry about how it will happen or what you must do; simply feel the desire for Ascension and offer gratitude as if it has already happened.  Offer gratitude simply for the perfection of the present moment.

Feel the Ascension vortex energy in your heart and let the Universe take care of the rest.  Indeed it is our visions and dreams of today that will shape the reality of our tomorrow.  I kindly ask that you take a moment with me now to meditate on this profound potential and send energy to its manifestation.  I offer you my gratitude for your continued support and the Universe thanks you for your commitment to cosmic evolution.

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