Our magazine is committed to catalyzing an evolution in consciousness and culture.  We do this by providing you, our sophisticated reader, with mind expanding editorial content you can’t find anywhere else.  In a time when mainstream media has become so white washed and corporate controlled it is pioneers like us who are paving the way to a new world using only our conscious mind.

Conspiracy theories and ET cosmology aside for now, try to remember that we live in a holographic Universe.  In fact, science has been convinced now for quite some time that our reality is a hologram.  What this means for us is that the power of our conscious mind is much greater than initially suspected.  We have the power to change our world simply by changing the way we think.  It is in this regard that our magazine seeks to evolve one mind at a time and in turn change our world for the better.

Your thoughts, while mostly unconscious, are attracting everything that happens to you in your life.  I can guarantee if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts and resisting change then you will find your experience to be quite negative and unpleasant.  You will seem to attract other negative people and experiences to yourself and may ask: Why is God or the Universe always doing this to me?  You may say to yourself: I have the worst luck!  What you may not realize is that simply by repeating these negative thought patterns to yourself you are actually attracting more negative events and people into your life.  The negative people you may encounter are acting only as a mirror, showing you the aspect of yourself which needs to change.

Such is the nature of the illusion we call reality.  Evil is permitted by God because it allows us to evolve and grow spiritually.  The Illuminati have a role to play as well and have served their purpose in providing us the conditions to awaken – though unknowingly to them.

On the contrary, if you harbor conscious thoughts which are positive and uplifting you will find amazing things happening to you which may be better than anything you could have hoped or planned for.  Such is the nature of the law of attraction: your thoughts form reality and like attracts like.  By far, the most powerful thoughts/emotions to harbor are love and gratitude.  Simply by choosing to see the Love in the present moment, you are automatically setting yourself up to be happy and fulfilled.

When awakening to the vast corporate conspiracies permeating the institutes of government, religion and the media it becomes all the more important to remain balanced and centered within your own consciousness.  By taking control of your thoughts and viewing today as the best day ever you will find more and more that indeed it just keeps getting better all the time.  Each day, you are evolving and learning more.  We are creators in our own right such that we create our own reality based on our thoughts and desires.  The question is are we giving in to the desires of the ego (for a temporary “high” and no lasting happiness) or are we submitting to the desires of our Higher Self?

We can choose to resist the God impulse (the drive to evolve and change) or we can embrace it.  By embracing the creative impulse we are letting God decide what is best for our lives.  This is the key to true happiness, success and fulfillment.

Our Universe, while experienced as strictly an external and physical phenomenon is actually a far more personal and internal experience.  The nature of the Universe can be thought of as set up in two ways: God at play and God at rest – or Being and Becoming.  We happen to exist in a realm where God is at play – a reality of Becoming or work.  We are here to get things done, so to speak.  As a soul, or super-con, you can choose to incarnate into different realms or dimensions based on what you feel like doing to foster your soul growth or spiritual evolution.

Our Universe is a self organizing system and everything that happens to us is for a reason, no matter how cruel or unusual it may seem.  The nature of life is death and it is in meditating on the inevitable fact that this life will end that we can become empowered to live it to the fullest in this moment.  Now, living life to the fullest doesn’t mean getting belligerently drunk everyday, but rather seeking your life purpose by asking God to show you the way to reach your potential and contribute your unique gifts to humanity.

We all are seeking to come together and form a new tapestry of love, a new cultural story if you will, and every human alive today has an intricate and important part to play.  Once you are on the Path and set the intention to awaken, the die is cast and there is no turning back.  You will wake up and make a difference.  God and I thank you for taking this conscious step in the evolution of your soul and our very Universe.

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