The evolution of media

Here is a more recent Wordle taken from our news feed which I thought would make a cool cover to this article given the power and speed to which the media revolution is taking place.  Information on demand is redefining the way we experience the world as we can now choose where we get our news from.  This was never before possible when corporate news conglomerates controlled the truth and our cultural story.

As our global brain continues to awaken and evolve, we are seeing unprecedented innovations in the way we experience media.  The form of communication that dominated from an industrial era is now finally breaking down once and for all as we continue to transfer to an information based world.  This trend is by no means new, having began even earlier than the 70’s when white-collar jobs officially outnumbered blue-collar ones in the U.S.  In a manufacturing based country, mass media worked well for factory workers much in the same way that factory style industrial mass education did.  Today, as our lives have evolved to information based jobs and lives, so to is media changing and evolving with it.

The main manifestation of this evolution is obviously the internet.  It has revolutionized the way we communicate, do business and live.  People are coming together at unprecedented rates due to social networking, independent blogosphere communities and the like.  On the net there is a growing consensus among people who are fed up with corporate controlled information and thoughts.  For is that not what media does, but try to influence your thoughts?  Keep in mind that our digital magazine is in this business and there is no escaping that fact!  It becomes a question then, what are the goals and visions associated with and driving the thoughts behind your work.  If you watch the news then it is obvious: their drive is to propagate the emotion of fear and disinformation in order to maintain control. 

The new forms of media are doing the exact opposite. New media is based on propagating the emotion of love and encouraging creative engagement with the world.  People everywhere are awakening to these new kinds of media as the creative impulse inside them urges them to find new avenues of thought and evolved ways of thinking.  Our website is designed to raise the level and vibration of your thoughts so that you can make the most of your life experience – and in turn have a positive impact on our world.  It is my firm belief that our world can and will change when we want it to.  New media is helping people everywhere wake up to the true purpose of all life: the cosmic impulse to evolve.

As print publications are phased out and the digital publishing world continues to grow and evolve we are going to see many exciting developments both in the way we experience communication as well as the benefit this new form of media will have on our society.  Coupled with huge advancements in mobile technology, this revolution will be following us wherever we go.  Information on demand is taking on new meaning with the advent of smart phones and the ability to use search engine technology wherever we are.

As media continues to evolve we will be right there growing with it.  In this new model that is emerging we are quite literally in a cultural Renaissance, where average people everywhere are able to create studio quality music in their house, produce top quality independent films and even start their own digital magazines.  This revolution is paving the way for a brand new definition of the way we work and how we create wealth.  Because of the internet more people are able to work from home and visionary entrepeneurs everywhere are driving innovation.  It is in this regard that our society is going to make the transition to a globally based information economy thriving on the ingenuity of people like you and me.  We have the power to take our world back and we are doing it more and more each day.

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