Many people today take for granted the fact that we are living on an organism that is more than 4.5 billion years old.  We have become so accustomed to life here on Mother Earth that we don’t realize just how precious it is.  I ask that you all take a moment each day to really step back and take in the fact that you are quite literally living in the Garden of Eden.  The sky is blue, the air is pure and the trees are green – birds are singing and waves are breaking.  The whole universe is celebrating – won’t you join the party?

The word Gaia is another name for Mother Earth that encompasses an ecological hypothesis proposing that the biosphere and physical components of Earth are closely integrated to form a complex interacting system in which every element of that system is inter-connected to everything else – including you!

Gaia is a word synonymous with Mother Earth that describes her as a living being.  In the same way that you and I are conscious or a dog or insect is, so too is the Earth.  Today I will ask you to just become a little more conscious of where we are living.  Take a look around and really appreciate the Earth for what it truly is.  Look upon the sky, the trees and the ocean with a renewed sense of awe and wonder.  Understand the fact that Gaia has a personality, feelings and a deep longing to re-connect with humanity on a personal level.

Whenever someone throws a bottle on the ground or tosses a cigarette butt be aware that the Earth knows about this and has her feelings hurt.  Earth has a tremendous love for humanity and has given us her body on which to evolve.  Her love of humanity is Absolute and knows no boundaries or limits.  She knows each person, animal and plant that calls her garden home – she hears your thoughts and responds to your prayers.  Each day, take time to offer thanks and gratitude to the Earth for all she has provided and know in your heart that she feels and responds to your positive thoughts.

The Earth has been pillaged, raped and destroyed by humanity and yet despite all these atrocities she still loves and provides for us.  The oil spill is another tragic example of humanities arrogance and ignorance to the true nature of Gaia.  Please do Mother Earth a favor and send loving thoughts of gratitude and apology to the gulf water and animals.  Many people make the mistake of sending thoughts of anger and frustration to the gulf, thereby worsening the situation.  For has it not been proven in the research of Masaru Emoto that water knows and responds to the emotions and thoughts of people?

Know the truth that your thoughts form reality and each day you have the conscious decision to think loving thoughts.  Know the truth that the Earth is a living being and knows each and everyone of us on a personal level.  She has a great love for humanity and wants us to evolve so very badly.  By choosing not to throw that one peice of litter on the ground or by taking time during each day just to send Gaia loving thoughts of peace and gratitude, know that you are making a difference.  Know and feel it in your heart and the Earth will thank you.

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