Consciousness First: You are a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

Before I ever got into all these esoteric topics about evil governments and vast corporate conspiracy theories I spent most of my time learning about the nature of consciousness. This background in consciousness studies turned out to be an excellent foundation from which to handle dealing with all these newly discovered “truths”.  I will make the case in this post that it is essential to spend time developing your consciousness (con) in order to properly handle this new found “enlightenment” with which you are experiencing. 

My background in consciousness studies started when I read the Seth books as early as highschool.  These manuscripts were written by a woman named Jane Roberts who claimed to be “channelling” an entity no longer focused in physical reality.  This entity called himself Seth and described his existence as an “energy personality essence” no longer focused in physical reality.    Jane would go into a trance and her husband would take notes as she literally spoke entire manuscripts on the nature of reality.  Seth talked about the things that always seemed to interest me the most: What happens when we die? What is God really like? Who really built the pyramids? and many other such metaphysical mysteries.  He spoke about the evolution of consciousness on this planet and the nature of God as being ultimately pure consciousness itself.  I became interested in all things metaphysical and read everything I could on the topics of consciousness, God and the nature of reality.  In college, I took a number of philosophy classes ranging from Plato to Nietzsche which further developed my understanding of the “nature of things”.  In the words of the great Socrates, what I realized quite quickly was the true depth of my own ignorance.  I began to see the scope to that which I do not know – and can never know in my current form.

So it is with this foundation in consciousness studies first, that prepared me far better to deal with the realities of todays scientific discoveries (in particular the new cosmology, notably dark matter, the plurality of worlds and unified field theory) as well as the vast web of covert corruption that exists within our governing bodies.  These revelations which may seem unrelated are in fact tied together and inextricably linked.  A convergence is now happening in our world that will lead to breakthroughs in everything – from new understandings of our ancient past to the nature of reality and consciousness itself.

Today, mainly through the power of the internet, people everywhere are being exposed to the vast web of conspiracy that permeates the institutions of government, banks, large corporations, mainstream media and religion which exists solely to control, divide and conquer. The coming breakthroughs will expose not only this corruption, but allow new discoveries to be made in all branches of science from cosmology to geology to genetics.  No aspect of life will remain unaffected by the “great shift” already upon us.  It is both a shift in consciousness and a rapid acceleration of technology that will quite literally lead to the birth of a brand new type of human civilization just in time as the old one crumbles beneath our feet.

With more and more people exposed to this information, the levels of consciousness are raising everywhere around the planet at unprecedented scales.  When people read about esoteric philosophies, secret societies, shadow governments, the existence of ETI and many other such topics, they feel an inherent burden of truth placed upon themselves.  They feel they’ve pierced the veil and now are unsure what to do with this information.  It is important to remember that with this gain in knowledge comes greatly increased responsibility and “levels” of consciousness.  As you learn about these things from the alternative media, your mind is expanding and a so-called enlightenment is taking place in your brain.  If you are not prepared to deal with it properly, it can be detrimental to your spiritual development in this life and thrust your consciousness into a state of victimized fear-based living (if you’re not already there from just following the mainstream media!) Our magazine exists for the sole purpose to prevent this from happening to your con.  Our editorials are designed to expand your mind and unlock your con’s potential in a way that is beneficial for you and the world at large.

For me, the purpose of life was always to foster spiritual growth. We are here for one reason: to learn lessons in love and managing energy in order to gain experience points for our soul, or super-con.  Your are a spiritual being, having a human experience.  The super-con represents who you “really” are – the aspect of yourself which never dies and is the sum total of all the lives you’ve ever lived throughout your existence. Given that all time is simultaneous, the super-con acts as an energetic “hub” outside of time for all your lives in space-time incarnations.  The super-con, like you, is evolving.  It evolves by managing multiple physical lives at once.  You are one of these physical lives now – and by opening your connection to your super-con, you can begin to access its abilities and connection to your “other selves”.  You can choose to live with a very strong connection to your super-con or a very weak connection.  The stronger your connection, the more enriching, loving, creative and purposeful your life will be.  The weaker your connection the more alone, fearful, boring and pointless your life will seem.

The mistake that most people make when exposed to these secrets and vast conspiracy theories is choosing to perceive them from the emotion of fear.  Remember that the two basic qualities from which everything springs are the emotions of love and fear.  If you take a step back from reality for a moment, and really feel your existence, you will notice that it is based on the emotion of love.  Fear is just a lack of recognizing the truth about love which is that it is all permeating.

Through being exposed to this information about evil governments, ETI and whatnot, many people buy right into the xenophobic fear based perspective.  The reason for this is because it is what we have always done – and we are used to doing it!  Our media was literally designed to propagate the emotion of fear.  By keeping the population in fear, control can be maintained much easier (think global terrorism, H1N1, global warming, etc. – it’s all media hype designed and propagated by governments to maintain control).  If you don’t believe me, just turn on the news one night.  Ask yourself this question: is this experience instilling in me an emotion of fear or love?  Try it and I guarantee 99% of the time it will be fear.  Someone in my family had fox news on the other day and I literally heard the female news caster saying “I am fearful for my children – you should be scared.”  Do yourself a favor and take time to turn off the news and turn on your brain.  Watching fear based TV is like putting your brain into a state of mind numbing limbo where your  creativity is drained and your energy siphoned.  TV was designed for one pupose: thought control.

What many people underestimate is the true significance of their consciousness levels being raised (and keep in mind your consciousness level is being raised right now by reading this article) and also the importance of developing technique to deal with this increase in awareness.  The most effective way to cope with this mind expansion is through meditation.  If we are here to spiritually evolve, then it would make sense to wish to accomplish as much spiritual evolution in this lifetime as possible.  With this enlightenment we are experiencing, our goals for life change in a distinct way.  All of a sudden our highest aspiration in life becomes Enlightenment.  Enlightenment is the experience of the ground of all Being – a literal awakening to the inter-connectedness and purpose of everything. 

As our consciousness levels raise, enlightenment becomes the focus and goal of our psyche – both individually and collectively.  It is from this perspective that true purpose in life is achieved and social harmony can be established.  So what better way to achieve this enlightenment than through the transcendence of this physical reality through focused meditation?  If we seek to solve the problems of our world, let us start with ourselves.  If more people were living up to their potential and leading purposeful lives, then maybe we would begin to see some exterior change.  Unfortunately, most people are content to say “well that’s the way it’s always been”.  Well that’s exactly what the “powers that were” want you to think!  Fortunately, people are waking up to this fact and moving from living their lives for material gain or money, to living for their lives for significance and purpose.

Meditation greatly helps with this and assists to reestablish your connection with your super-con in order to live your life to the fullest. This means fulfilling God’s plan for your life.  And when I say God I’m not talking about some bearded old man who sits on a throne and judges people’s sins.  I believe in karma for that.  My God is so vast, so infinite, yet so personal that there exists nothing more important for me in this life than to channel that God through and as me in whatever way is best for the greatest number of people.  This article and magazine is one such avenue to do so.

So remember that in the same way that you exercise your physical body, it is equally important to spend time to develop your mental or spiritual body.  In another blog post I will discuss some simple techniques in meditation.  In the meantime check out our post titled Peace of mind to get you started with some basic meditation techniques. 

Also, in another future essay, hopefully my good friend and editorial colleague, Brian Macfie will be delving into the nature of God Itself and how it relates to your super-con.  Until then, stay in cosmic consciousness and remember that with great knowledge comes great responsibility.  The evolution of our species, the planet and our very universe is dependant on you.  You are an integral and crucial part of the entire macroscopic cosmic evolutionary process.  I’m asking you now to take what you have learned, step into your role, live with purpose, and choose to see the infinite love present in the moment.

Namaste my friends and fellow seekers

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