The consciousness is perhaps humanities most powerful ability – and perhaps the most misunderstood and underestimated.  People today are so focused on the material world and the “exterior” dimension that we often overlook the importance to work on and develop our “interior” dimension. In the same way that you go to the gym to work out your physical body, it is equally important to spend some time working out your mental or spiritual body.

A good way to begin developing this interior dimension is to pick up some creative hobbies such as art or music and begin keeping a journal.  Write down your thoughts, your experiences and how you feel.  It can be a great therapeutic activity to relax and explore the vastness of your own consciousness over time and a journal is a great way to do this.  It is also tremendously beneficial, even just in general, to take the time to learn & practice meditation.  It literally takes only 20 minutes a day, but you can learn to do it 24/7 effortlessly.  Meditation has a lot to do with being aware of ones thinking.  Recognize from the moment you wake to the moment you fall asleep there is an endless barrage of thoughts that are running through your head.  Slow this train down a minute and give your brain some rest!

Meditation is simply a method of focused relaxation with the goal being to achieve stillness of mind and stop that freight train of thoughts.  Thoughts are very powerful and if we could but learn to control them we can create anything.  For indeed, thoughts are things. Look at everything around you – it all started as a thought!  Think about it!  Everything around us and in your life started as a thought first.  For most people though, this is an unconscious process.  They quite literally have a conversation with themselves in their mind for the entire duration in which they are awake.  They never stop to think who is it that observes these thoughts?  This endless train of thoughts can be very taxing on your mind, especially if  you harbor negative or limited thought patterns!

Practicing meditation, even for only 20 minutes a day, can work absolute wonders for the body.  It has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase health and promote overall well-being.  An easy way to begin meditation is sit up with legs crossed in a quiet room with no distractions and begin focusing on your breathing. Develop the intention to quiet your mind and consciously recognize your breathing.

Repeat to yourself “in” and “out” with each breath.  This will help to calm your mind and slow your incoming thoughts.  Take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your nose, and feel your lungs filling up fully.  Feel your diaphragm fill up first, and then your chest.  Continue doing this for at least ten minutes once a day and you will be quite surprised at the results.

A more advanced technique is to visualize healing light surrounding your body.  Feel the energy of the field merge with your own body.  Begin to feel into the ultimate truth that your body is pure energy.  Feel a golden pillar of light entering your head through your crown chakra and washing over your body with healing love energy.

Feel the power of the most potent emotions in the world: love and gratitude.  Offer yourself up to feel the love in the moment and offer gratitude for everything you have and all that’s to come.  Feel the energy of peace on earth coming from your very own peace of mind.  Continue taking deep breaths and feel the energy of divine light in each molecule of air.  This is called mana breathing and has been practiced by shamans for millenia.

Practice these techniques in the morning and at night.  The better you get at it, the more you will find yourself meditating during the day while engaging in normal everyday activities.  Living from the perspective of enlightenment allows one to step outside of their thoughts and experience the truth about who they really are – a vast super-con.  Try and become “one” with the aspect of yourself that is observing the thoughts.

About The Author

Anthony Chiaravallo is a modern day eco-renaissance man with a passion for social business and a love of all things creative. As Founder / Publisher of Conscious Connection, he's committed to empowering people everywhere to be the change the world needs while designing the ultimate lifestyle in the process. Always in pursuit of a new adventure, he can often be found running Conscious Connection during mountaineering expeditions or eco-surf trips.

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